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Whitman Antiques specializes in fine antique metalware from the Medieval period to the early 20th Century. We deal in antique English, European and American objects made of brass, copper, paktong, bronze, silver, pewter, iron and tin. We have a large variety of objects both for display and for use, including copper cookware and an extensive collection of early candlesticks. Michael Whitman is widely recognized as one of the leading specialists in his field, and is frequently sought out for his opinion on objects by museums and seasoned collectors alike. Whitman Antiques...Read More

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Antique 1790-1799 France Planters and Jardinieres
Brass, Copper
Early French copper and brass water container, circa 1790. In unpolished condition. Used in the vineyards to provide water to the workers. Measures: Height 25 1/2?, base diamet...
Antique 1750-1759 Spain Pitchers
Very large copper Spanish water jug with lid, circa 1750.  
Antique 1850-1859 Baltic States Pitchers
Very finely made Russian two-handled copper wash cup, circa 1850. Judaic. Used for the ceremonial washing of hands (netilat yadayim). Unusual features include thumb piece and scal...
Antique 1860-1869 Fireplace Tools and Chimney Pots
Rare very large English copper cooking pot with matching lid, circa 1860 Dovetailed. Measures: Diameter 16?, handle 14?, depth 6?.
Alois Aufrichtig
Antique 1890-1899 Austria More Dining and Entertaining
Very rare copper and monel tankard Signed Alois Aufrichtig (Austrian) circa 1895 Alois Aufrichtig died in 1912, St. Louis, MO. Custom-made brewery equipment. Dovetailed. Mon...
Antique 1800-1809 Spain Pitchers
Rare Spanish copper ewer, circa 1800. Bridge to strengthen spout.
Antique 1890-1899 Tea Sets
English copper “Ships” kettle, circa 1890.
Antique 1870-1879 United States Pitchers
Brass, Copper
American copper and brass barrel tankard, circa 1875 Dovetailed. Measures: Height 8 3/4?, diameter of opening 3 1/2?.
Antique 1840-1849 United States More Dining and Entertaining
American copper saucepan with lid, circa 1840. “Rams Horn” finial on lid. Measures: Height 5″, diameter 5 3/4″.
Antique 1870-1879 United Kingdom Tea Sets
English copper kettle, circa 1875. Acorn finial. Dovetailed. Measures: Height: 11 1/4″. DOB: 6 1/2″.
Thos. Mills & Bro.
Antique 1870-1879 United States Fireplace Tools and Chimney Pots
American copper spouted pot, circa 1875. Signed Thos. Mills & Bro. 1301 N 8th Street Phila. Dovetailed construction. Marked #3.
Antique 1820-1829 Fireplace Tools and Chimney Pots
English copper kettle, circa 1820. Shaped cast handle. Dovetailed.

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