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And And And Studio

And And And Studio

Los Angeles, CA

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About And And And Studio

And And And Studio is a collaboration between principals Daniel Rabin and Annie Ritz. Based in Los Angeles, the architecture and interior design practice is dedicated to creating inventive and unique spaces with their team and clients. From early concepts through construction and completion, they have a knack for understanding each client's point of view and how that translates into the built environment. Rabin and Ritz define their work as original, playful, sophisticated, and unconventional, balanced by their open-minded, ever-evolving curiosity and ambitious nature. The culture and design approach of their studio is holistic; they don't distinguish between architect interiors or design and seek to create work that speaks to that ethos. And And And Studio focuses primarily on residential projects but has begun developing their portfolio in the commercial realm.

Rabin and Ritz met in the Masters of Architecture program at the University of Toronto, Canada in 2004. After collaborating on several graduate student design projects, working in the Netherlands together – Rabin at OMA and Ritz for West8 – they eventually made their way to Los Angeles, where their international experiences collided with the West Coast's unique design landscape; creating one of a kind projects for their clients. The studio works with a wide variety of creative professionals, many of whom are entrepreneurs and a part of the entertainment industry.

And And And Studio offers full service architecture as well as interior design, furniture and styling upon request. The studio approaches each project as unique and individual: with a preliminary assessment of site conditions and then working inward: looking at proportions, shape, flow and form of each project, but constantly using the interior design to inform the architecture and vice versa. IT's important to Ritz and Rabin to bring originality to each project by interpreting the client's interests as a point of reference and finding and original design language for each project. And And Ands Studio's ability to work on a full project – a project that looks at architecture and interiors holistically – is what sets Ritz and Rabin apart from others.