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New York, NY

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About Formarch

“The house shelters day dreaming, the house protects the dreamer, the house allows one to dream in peace” ( Gaston Bachelard )

FORMarch is a full service Architecture and Interior design studio.

We have a passion for residential design and architecture drawing from a vast understanding of many sensibilities and their inherent locational influences, with a unique ability to listen and express our client’s thoughts in built form.

Founding Partners Brent Leonard and Sean Webb R.A. began FORMarch in 1998 and with our team have successfully designed, built, restored and renovated homes and structures throughout North America. One of our many goals is to make the process of creating and building a new home as seamless and as enjoyable as possible, bringing our team’s combined technical expertise, material knowledge, intuition and service to the table.

Shaping pleasing space that not only meets the purposes of our client’s lives but also provides for delight in the everyday experience of living is key to our craft and hallmark of a FORMarch home. Our homes and structures are created both from the outside and importantly with a strong vision of how they feel on the inside, organically and seamlessly bridging the disciplines of architecture and interior design.

FORMarch interiors are a careful choreography of shapes and forms that together speak a distinctive language geared toward the context and feeling that our clients are seeking. Objects are chosen for their inherent characteristics of shape and color and for the importance they play in our client’s lives. The interior furnishing layout is always considered in our initial Architectural layouts so that all fits and lives in harmony.

One moves toward light in our spaces and we carefully consider how to celebrate and temper how light activates space and promotes overall well-being. We carefully site our homes in their landscape to maximize a sense of place and privacy within the parameters of a given location but also expand it by borrowing from distant views of tree tops, topography and sky.

FORMarch creates spaces that provide for a beautiful experience of life.


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