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Pair of Bronze Temple Bells

Chinese Metalwork


Beautiful temple bells engraved with the Buddhist chanting of "Om Mani Padme Hum", a Sanskrit mantra associated with the Bodhisattva of compassion. The first word Om is a sacred syll...

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Pair of Bronze Hanuman Oil Lamps, Mid-20th Cent...


Nepalese Metalwork


Pair of bronze Hanuman oil lamps, mid-20th century, Nepal. Offered by Bo Tree Source. Hand cast bronze oil lamps placed in a house shrine or temple. They portray the God Hanuman, d...

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Pair of Elongated Spiral Brass Gauntlets

Indian Metalwork


Like the monumental ornamentation seen on the façades of morungs and Dwellings, an individual’s dress is a direct indicator of social status. All the Naga tribes wear ornate jewelry...

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Bronze Antique Tibetan Temple Bell, Substantial

Tibetan Religious Items


This is a substantial yet beautifully crafted antique temple bell. Solid bronze and wonderful design creates a lasting, powerful sound that is pleasant and thought provoking. Bell i...


Collection of H’Mong Tribe Silver Spirit Locks

Laotian Metalwork


This finely crafted piece was made high in the mountains of southeast China, Laos, Thailand and Burma (modern day Myanmar) by an indigenous hill tribe. The Hmong people are know for ...

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Pair of Bronze Horse Sculptures

Chinese Animal Sculptures


Beautiful well defined horses, small and very fine. The definitions of the muscle and facial features are exquisite. The lines are strong and fluid. Expressive eyes, nice saddles and...

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Pair of Japanese Bronze Cranes

Japanese Metalwork


Pair of Meji period bronze cranes

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Pair of Bronze Asian Statues


Pair of bronze Asian statues. Highly detailed and beautiful pair.