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Old Composite Stone Altar Serving as Sundial, 19th Century
Old Composite Stone Altar Serving as Sundial, 1...
Antique Mid-19th Century French Napoleon III Sundials
Dated from the 19th century, old composite stone altar serving as sundial. The plate, composed of 12 heads of gods of antiquity and a sundial, rests on a round base, molded and decor...
Antique Sundial, 1940s
Antique Sundial, 1940s
Vintage 1940s Finnish Sundials
Metal, Copper
Antique sundial zodiac base cast metal and copper armillary on stone base This magnificent sundial was made in Finland in the 1940s. The numbers are inlayed in copper The zo...
Vintage Danish Armillary Sun Clock
Vintage Danish Armillary Sun Clock
Early 20th Century Danish Sundials
This vintage globe shaped garden ornament, called an armillary or "sun clock," is made up of metal bands with a copper patina, pierced by an arrow and supported by a cast stone base....
19th Century Armillary Sphere Sundial
19th Century Armillary Sphere Sundial
Antique Late 19th Century English Late Victorian Sundials
Steel, Carrara Marble
19th century Carrara marble pedestal with associated 20th century armillary sphere.   
1880s Carved Marble and Bronze Sundial
1880s Carved Marble and Bronze Sundial
Antique 1880s Sundials
1880s carved marble and bronze sundial.
Swedish Armillary on 19th Century Carved Stone Pedestal
Swedish Armillary on 19th Century Carved Stone ...
Antique 19th Century Scottish Garden Ornaments
Stone, Aluminum, Brass, Copper
This figural armillary of Atlas, constructed of brass and aluminum with a copper numeric banding, hails from Sweden and dates to around 1980. We have repainted it in matte black and ...
Bronze Serpent Armillary on Tall French Limestone Pedestal
Bronze Serpent Armillary on Tall French Limesto...
Antique Late 18th Century French Garden Ornaments
Limestone, Bronze
The rare form of this bronze serpent armillary, its large size and gorgeous verdigris patina make it a most desirable piece. The armillary features a fanged serpent, stunning bas rel...
German Brass and Black Lacquered Microscope Height of Microscope
German Brass and Black Lacquered Microscope Hei...
Antique 19th Century German Desk Sets
A German brass and black lacquered microscope height of microscope 11 1/2 inches. In wooden case.
Barker & Sons Bronze and Limestone Sundial
Barker & Sons Bronze and Limestone Sundial
Antique 19th Century Unknown Sundials
Barker & Sons London, bronze and limestone sundial having an unusually large dial and gnomon.
Cast Stone Fluted Column Sundial
Cast Stone Fluted Column Sundial
Vintage 1920s American Greco Roman Sundials
Bronze, Cast Stone
Cast stone fluted column with bronze sundial. Dragoon supports the fixed gnomon.
18th Century Irish Rustic Stone and Slate Sundial
18th Century Irish Rustic Stone and Slate Sundial
Antique 18th Century Northern Irish Rustic Sundials
Bronze, Slate, Sandstone
This rustic sundial was hand-carved from stone and features its original and scribed slate dial plate with replaced bronze gnomon. Although the octagonal dial plate has suffered loss...
Swedish Atlas Armillary Sundial Mounted on Hand-Carved Antique Stone Plinth
Swedish Atlas Armillary Sundial Mounted on Hand...
Mid-20th Century Swedish Sundials
Stone, Metal, Copper
A Swedish armillary of Atlas mounted onto stone plinth. This vintage Swedish armillary sundial is supported on the single arm of mighty Atlas, and is accented with a copper numeric b...
Strikingly Large Black Iron and Tessellated Sto...
Maitland Smith
Vintage 1980s Philippine Sundials
Stone, Iron
Strikingly large Maitland Smith armillary on a black tessellated base. Made of solid iron, the armillary measures 39” tall on a 12.5” base. There are nine iron rings that rotate arou...
Important Signed 19th Century English Stone Sun...
John Smyth of Dublin
Antique 19th Century British Victorian Sundials
Without a doubt, this is the most magnificent and important sundial we have ever owned. The 40" hi fluted octagonal pedestal is carved from a single piece of Yorkstone, lightly weath...
Rare Atlas Fireclay Sundial by Compton Potteries
Robert Compton Pottery
Early 20th Century British Arts and Crafts Sundials
Bronze, Terracotta
This is by far our most unusual sundial and one of our all-time favorites! Even though Atlas (who is holding the "world," bisected by the demilune bronze gnomon) has lost his head, t...
Period English 18th Century Stone Sundial
John Whitehurst
Antique 18th Century English Sundials
Stone, Bronze
This vase form carved stone sundial in four parts is truly special. With its octagonal foot and scalloped top, the carved stone pedestal is a work of art and dates to the first half ...
19th Century Istrian Stone Sundial
Antique Late 19th Century Sundials
This sundial is made of stone from Istria Country, Croatia. This type of stone has been carved since the Roman ages. It has ornate hand carving on its base and the dial itself is mad...
American Cast Stone Sundial with Cast Iron Plate
Early 20th Century American Sundials
Cast Stone, Iron
This lovely and unusual form sundial in four parts is a marriage between an American cast stone pedestal with anthemion leaf decoration and a late 19th century American cast iron sun...
English 1860s Baluster-Shaped Sandstone Sundial...
Antique Mid-19th Century English Sundials
Sandstone, Bronze
An English sandstone baluster-shaped sundial with bronze dial from the mid 19th century. This English sundial features a lovely baluster shape, topped with a bronze dial revealing a ...
Mid Century American Sundial
Vintage 1950s Sundials
Marble, Iron
A fluted column serves as a platform to hold this detailed iron sundial inscribed with the words "Light Following Darkness"
English Late 19th Century Sundial with Carved L...
Antique Late 19th Century English Sundials
Sandstone, Bronze
An English sundial from the late 19th century, with carved limestone and bronze top. This English sundial features an obelisk-shaped base, raised on a pyramidal plinth, with cut-off ...
Sun Dial Cast Stone
Vintage 1940s American Garden Ornaments
Cast Stone
A cast stone sun dial. This sundial has the most ornate detailed ornate cast stone column. The metal sundial with a nice patina.
18th Century Sundial
Antique Mid-18th Century English George II Sundials
An original 18th century sundial pedestal base with a later bronze armillary sphere. The pedestal base was carved from Ketton stone.
Armillary Brass Sphere
20th Century French Nautical Objects
Original armillary brass sphere.
Georgian Slate and Bronze Sundial Inscribed ‘GE...
Antique 1810s Sundials
Slate, Bronze
Georgian slate and bronze sundial inscribed ‘GEORGE ANDERSON’ dated 1818. Bronze gnomon in the shape of 57 reflecting the 'latitude 57°, 30" ' inscribed along the front edge.
White Marble and Bronze Noonday Cannon Sundial ...
Antique 19th Century English Sundials
Marble, Bronze
This sundial is by Louis Marie Arthur Chevalier (1830-1874). This sundial is inscribed ‘CONSTRUIT PAR ARTHUR CHEVALIER PALAIS’. It is based on a noonday cannon comissioned by the Su...
Vintage Mill 'Stone'
Early 20th Century American Country Garden Ornaments
The vintage mill 'stone' is made from cast concrete. It has the look of stone and will make a great decoration in a garden or home entrance. Diameter for the hole: 1.75".
Swedish Armillary Sculpture
Vintage 1940s Swedish Sundials
This figural armillary of Atlas, constructed of metal with a copper numeric banding, hails from Sweden. Original matte black finish and mounted on a well-proportioned custom wooden p...
18th Century Slate Stone Sundial
Antique Late 18th Century Italian Neoclassical Sundials
Intriguing 18th century Italian sundial in slate stone on a custom-made base. All inscriptions on this dial are in French and depict different timezones in Europe. It has beautiful e...
20th Century Wall-Mounted Copper Sundial
1990s English Sundials
This sundial is signed ‘S Higgon 1990’ and is inscribed latitude 53 33 Longitude 38 m w Weight 3 kg.
Midcentury Outdoor Painted Iron Stool
20th Century American Mid-Century Modern Stools
The outdoor stool is sturdy and made of tubular iron soldered together and painted.
Faux Bois Stone Sundial
Antique 19th Century Garden Ornaments
Stone, Bronze
A massive sundial made from hand-carved brownstone simulating the shorn limbs of an old tree and topped with its original verdigris bronze dial plate.
19th Century Bronze Sundial
Antique 19th Century Scientific Instruments
19th century bronze sundial with text and roman numerals and beautiful aged patina.
Cubic Sundial, 18th Century
David Beringer
Antique 1750s European Sundials
Wood, Paper
With five gnomon on each face Wood and paper enhanced watercolors Base with a compass Signed: D BERINGER Nuremberg (D like David).  
Carved Italian Marble Sundial
20th Century Italian Classical Roman Sundials
This beautifully carved marble sundial from Italy has a wrought iron gnomon for telling the time. As the earth rotates on its axis, the gnomon casts a shadow from the sun onto the ta...
Early Edition Helix Sundial by Piet Hein for He...
Piet Hein, Helios
Late 20th Century Danish Mid-Century Modern Sundials
Rare early edition Helix Sundial designed by Piet Hein for Helios in Denmark, 1986. Piet Hein designed the sundial in 1986 for the park at Egeskov Castle in Denmark. The unique fe...
Antique French Garden Sundial, circa 1890
Antique 1890s French French Provincial Sundials
Receive our new selections direct from 1stdibs by email each week. Please click on “Follow Dealer” button below and see them first! An antique French working sundial originally plac...
Brass Sundial Made in the Mid-19th Century
Antique 1850s French Sundials
Brass sundial placed in its original oak wooden box. Cm 7 x 7 x 2 (h). Very good condition and fully functional. Shipping insured by Lloyd's London; it is available our free gift box...
Rare Sundial, Mid-19th Century
Antique 1850s French Sundials
Rare sundial of engraved brass placed in its original oak wooden box. The gnomon is a brass bird that casts its shadow on a dial graduated with the daytime. To read correctly the hou...
Rare Portuguese marble scratch sundial, late 18...
Antique Late 17th Century Portuguese Other Sundials
Reputedly of royal provenance. The top with cherubs flanking an urn, below the dial a large palmette, on a breakfront column base.
18th Century Armillary Sundial
Antique Mid-18th Century Dutch Sundials
Limestone, Iron
With iron armillary sphere. In the 18th century the armillary sundial became popular. It was favored because of its ornamental appearance in the garden. More sculpture than timepi...
Decorative Iron Sundial, German, Bauhaus Style,...
Mid-20th Century French Mid-Century Modern Sundials
A beautiful sundial, made of iron, made in Germany in the 1950s with nice patina.
English Lead Sundial On Painted Wood Base . Cir...
Antique 1840s British William IV Sundials
English lead sundial resting on fluted painted circular wood base. Mid 19th Century
A 19th Century Silvered And Gilt Brass Horizont...
Jacques Linedal
Antique 19th Century French Sundials
A rare 19th Century silvered and gilt-brass horizontal compass-sundial, signed Jacques Linedal fecit a Dipee, Lat. 49, with folding scroll support gnomon, the compass with blued need...
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