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English Garden Column Sun Dial
Antique Swan
Armillary Sundial with Three Rings
CUPBOARDS & ROSES Swedish Antiques
19th Century Limestone Sundial
Jacqueline Adams Antiques
19th Century Sundial
Jacqueline Adams Antiques
1940's English Sundial
An 18th century armillary sundial
Pieter Hoogendijk
A Rare Scratch Sundial
Augustus Brandt Antiques
Marble Sundial
Inner Gardens
Armillary Sphere in Bronze c.2014
1847 Engraved Slate Sundial
Trilogy Antiques + Design
Bronze Arts and Crafts Sundial
Cottage + Camp
Meridian Cannon by Abercrombie and Fitch
Lewis Trimble
Zinc Sundial
Baronial Stone Sundial
Barbara Israel Garden Antiques
Iron and Brass Armillary
FS Henemader Antiques Inc.
Sensational Six Foot Diameter Sundial or Table
The Elemental Garden, LLC
Armillary Sphere by John Hardacre
Barbara Israel Garden Antiques
18th C Limestone Vertical Sundial
The Elemental Garden, LLC
19th C. French Stone Sundial
Garden Variety Design
Elegant Welsh Carved Stone Sundial
The Elemental Garden, LLC
Armillary on Carved Stone Pedestal
The Elemental Garden, LLC
Faux Bois Stone Sundial
Comer & Co.
18th C Rustic Stone and Slate Sundial
The Elemental Garden, LLC
Bronze Armillary
Little Paris Antiques
English Stone Sundial
Fireside Antiques
Sundial Sculpture
Vincent Mulford