Wood Tribal Art

Mid-20th Century Gilded Wood Hand Finial, Akan People, Ghana
Mid-20th Century Gilded Wood Hand Finial, Akan ...
Mid-20th Century Ghanaian Tribal Tribal Art
Offered by Zena Kruzick Mid-20th century gilded wood hand finial, Akan people, Ghana. This is a wonderful piece of African folk art, likely the top of a scepter, in the shape of ...
Small Ceremonial Cotton Gin from the Atoni of West Timor, Mid-Late 20th Century
Small Ceremonial Cotton Gin from the Atoni of W...
Vintage 1970s Indonesian Tribal Tribal Art
Small carved ceremonial cotton gin from the Atoni of West Timor. Mid-late 20th century, set on a wooden stand for stability and display. Offered by Bruce Hughes. This is a relative...
Early 20th Century Engraved African Lidded Food Storage Box
Early 20th Century Engraved African Lidded Food...
Early 20th Century Malian Decorative Boxes
Early 20th century African lidded food storage box Engraved with Primitive designs Dimensions: Box: 8 in. H with a 10-10.25 in. diameter on the top and a 12-13 in. diameter ...
Early 20th Century Indian Carved Wood Trunk
Early 20th Century Indian Carved Wood Trunk
Early 20th Century Indian Anglo-Indian Tribal Art
Hand-carved wooden Indian tribal trunk / box with hand-wrought iron hinges and straps, and handle. Early 20th century, Northern India.
Dogon Toguna Post Sculpture
Dogon Toguna Post Sculpture
Mid-20th Century Malian Figurative Sculptures
This intricately carved sculptural object by the Dogon people of Mali combines motifs from traditional Dogon ladders and toguna posts, monumental forked structures used to support th...
Tribal Cotton Cleaning Board, Kabiro, Sumba, Indonesia, Mid-Late 20th Century
Tribal Cotton Cleaning Board, Kabiro, Sumba, In...
Vintage 1980s Indonesian Tribal Tribal Art
Vintage tribal cotton cleaning wood board, Kabiro, from Sumba, East Indonesia, mid-late 20th century. Mounted on a metal stand. Offered by Bruce Hughes. Sumba is well-known for her...
Tribal African Mende Bundu Helmet Janus 'Two Face' Wood Mask, Early 20th Century
Tribal African Mende Bundu Helmet Janus 'Two Fa...
Early 20th Century Sierra Leonean Tribal Tribal Art
Offered by Scott McCue Tribal African Mende Bundu Helmet Janus (Two Face) wood mask, early 20th century Early Mende women's society Bundu Mask, with two faces, some cracks, insect d...
Mid-20th Century Tami Islands Papua New Guinea Tribal Wooden Feast Bowl
Mid-20th Century Tami Islands Papua New Guinea ...
Mid-20th Century Papua New Guinean Tribal Art
Kaolin, Wood
Offered by Callie Morgan Oakes mid-20th century Tami Islands Papua new guinea wooden feast bowl Of classic form, each end carved with raised and incised imagery depicting stylize...
Mexican Huichol Hand Beaded Sun Wall Decor
Mexican Huichol Hand Beaded Sun Wall Decor
21st Century and Contemporary Mexican Modern Tribal Art
Wood, Beads
This is a very intricate hand beaded Mexican Huichol sun wall decor. This unique piece is comprised of vibrant glass beads in shades of red, yellow, orange, green, blue, grey, black,...
Mounted Ceremonial Nagaland Spear or Staff
21st Century and Contemporary Indian Tribal Mounted Objects
Animal Skin, Wood, Feathers
Mounted ceremonial Nagaland spear or staff. Nagaland is a mountainous state in northeast India, bordering Myanmar. Feathers have been added for decoration and spear has been mounted ...
Late 19th Century Tribal Suku Helmet Mask
Antique Late 19th Century Congolese Tribal Tribal Art
Dark patination and pigmentation lend an immediate visual appeal to this powerful Suku helmet mask. Its facial features which project a remarkably sensitive, introspective air – are ...
Early 20th Century Tribal Karamojong Wooden Nec...
Early 20th Century Ugandan Tribal Tribal Art
An elegant headrest with chain-link carrying strap from Uganda. Headrests are used by the nomadic tribes in the Karamoja Savannah and come in various forms. They range from the si...
Late 19th-Early 20th Century Tribal Boomerang, ...
Antique Late 19th Century Australian Tribal Tribal Art
A lovely, elegantly carved hardwood boomerang. With its pointed arc silhouette, the weapon almost seems to depict an abstract avian form. Subtle striations run the length of the stic...
Early 20th Century Tribal Kuba or Binji Pipe, D...
Early 20th Century Congolese Tribal Collectibles and Curiosities
A beautiful interplay of raised planes and clustered incisions structures this impressive cephalomorphic Congolese pipe. Flowing line work textures the head, which joins with the bri...
20th Century Tribal Giryama Statue, Kenya
Mid-20th Century Kenyan Tribal Tribal Art
A highly abstract wooden post from Kenya. The Giryama people of the Kenyan coast are known for their long standing tradition of carved wooden mortuary posts. The grave posts, call...
19th Century Prestige Tribal Knife with Shell-C...
Antique 19th Century Ivorian Tribal Arms, Armor and Weapons
A stunning 19th century knife with choral-colored shells on the scabbard. Among the many remarkable art traditions for which the Baule people of Cote D'ivoire are known is their m...
Early 20th Century Tribal Hehe Stool, Tanzania
20th Century Tanzanian Tribal Stools
A graphic Hehe stool with three ridged legs and old patina of use. The Hehe people lived in isolation on a highland in southwestern Tanzania, northeast of Lake Nyasa. With the exc...
Late 19th Century Tribal Baule Figure
Antique Late 19th Century Ivorian Tribal Tribal Art
Divinatory figures among the Baule were used as dwellings of asye usu, or bush spirits, incorporeal consciousness’s from outside the village bounds brought into communication with th...
Tribal Austral Islands Ceremonial Paddle
Antique 19th Century Polynesian Tribal Tribal Art
A classic Austral Islands paddle featuring the intricate surface carving for which these objects are renowned. Ceremonial paddles are icons of Austral Islands art, and although their...
20th Century Kamba Tribal Colonial Carving, Kenya
20th Century Kenyan Folk Art Tribal Art
An early colonial carving from Kenya. There is a rich tradition of carving colonial figures for sale to European colonists throughout Africa. Many of these master carvers carved f...
19th Century Tribal Maori Spear Taiaha, New Zea...
Antique 19th Century New Zealand Tribal Tribal Art
A traditional Maori staff (taiaha), carved from a single piece of hardwood and endowed with a deep, warm patina of age. The 'tongue' of the staff (arero), used to deliver stabbing bl...
Northwest Coast Mask of Tsonokwa by Andrew Coon...
Andrew Coon
20th Century Canadian Tribal Tribal Art
Cedar, Acrylic, Paint, Wire
This ceremonial dance mask depicts Tsonokwa, the Wild Woman of the Woods. It is carved red cedar with red paint and graphite, and it is signed and dated April, 1987 by the Kwakwaka'w...
Fang Style Ancestor Figure, Gabon
Late 20th Century Gabonese Figurative Sculptures
Referred to as Byeri, this figure is a symbolic evocation of the ancestor, as well as a source of magical protection to the Fang people.
Mfumte Messenger, Cameroon
Mid-20th Century Central African Figurative Sculptures
Called Ngimfe by local residents, this figure was said to personify the messenger for an oracle named Sanko; messenger of good news of good luck. Was in the possession of Duke Unive...
Carved Wood Chair, Ghana, circa 1900
Early 20th Century Ghanaian Stools
A carved wood chair, Ethnie Ashanti (Ghana), circa 1900. # E5421.
Wood Chair, Ghana, circa 1900
Early 20th Century Ghanaian Tribal Art
Carved wood chair - Ghana - Ethnie Ashanti, circa1900. # E5425.
Wood Chair, Ghana, circa 1900
Early 20th Century Ghanaian Tribal Art
Carved wood chair, Ghana, Ethnie Ashanti, circa 1900. # E5426.
Fine Large Iban Dayak Female Tribal Guardian Fi...
Antique Late 19th Century Indonesian Tribal Art
A fine large Iban dayak female tribal guardian figure Borneo The female figure in hard iron wood with beautiful serene expression wearing a long robe and headdress standing holdin...
Fon Legba Phallus Sculpture
Antique Early 19th Century Beninese Tribal Art
Intended to ensure fertility and bountiful harvests, this carved-wood phallus is called a legba and was among many buried outside dwellings and in the fields of the Fon people of Wes...
Africana Tribal Relief Panel Art Signed Jan De ...
Mid-20th Century American Tribal Decorative Art
Wood, Paint, Masonite
Midcentury Africana tribal Masonite relief panel art signed Jan de Swart.
Dogon Stool with Nommo Figures
Mid-20th Century Malian Tribal Art
Created by the Dogon people of central Mali, this expressively carved stool continues a tradition of using stools as symbols of authority. Owning a finely made stool represented one'...
African Shona Tribal Stool
20th Century Zimbabwean Tribal Tribal Art
An elegant wooden tribal stool most probably originating from the Shona Tribe Zimbabwe, due to its linear carvings and scrolled circular details.
Ashanti or Asante Tribal Stool
20th Century Ghanaian Tribal Tribal Art
An Ashanti or Asante tribal stool. Carved from one piece of wood, this example has typical Ashanti geometric carvings with a central pierced support column. It has suffered one break...
Tribal Wooden Food Tray on Stand with Handle, N...
Vintage 1960s Indian Tribal Tribal Art
Tribal wooden food tray on stand with handle, Nagaland, mid-late 20th century. Offered by Bruce Hughes. Fashioned from one piece of wood. Used for serving food. Condition: Note th...
Toucan Bird Head and Feather Breastplate, Jivar...
20th Century Ecuadorean Tribal Tribal Art
Leather, Wood, Feathers
Toucan head and wing feather breastplate from Ecuador, possibly from the Jivaroan peoples, early to mid-20th century, comprised of painted bark cloth, seeds, toucan wing feathers and...
Rare 19th Century Zulu Wars Wirework Prestige S...
Antique 1870s South African Tribal Tribal Art
Brass, Copper, Wood
An exceptional 19th century Zulu wirework prestige stick. This beautiful and exceedingly rare object would have been owned by a person of very high rank and status. The staff is deco...
Early 20th Century Tribal Ethiopian Wooden Neck...
20th Century Ethiopian Tribal Tribal Art
Early 20th century Ethiopian tribal head rest from the Omo valley area. This neckrest is of a good size and height and has a satisfying patina. Headrest sometimes doubled as stool...
Late 19th Century Tribal Sotho Prestige Vessel,...
Antique Late 19th Century Lesothian Tribal Tribal Art
This small wooden Sotho prestige vessel boasts a carved geometric design and a beautiful smooth finish. The blackened design was produced by using a hot poker. Perfect for displa...
Tribal 19th Century Wooden Dance Club, Samoa
Antique Mid-19th Century Samoan Tribal Tribal Art
A 19th century Samoan dance paddle or club. This old dance paddle has a fine old patina and geometric form. It is known as an anave. The club has a long lozenge-shaped blade and f...
Late 19th or Early 20th Century Tribal Bassa Ma...
Antique Late 19th Century Liberian Tribal Masks
A great sense of mass imbues this Bassa mask, imposing with its classically large brow, full cheeks, and heavy, almond-shaped silhouette. As the face sinks forcefully in at the eyes,...
Early 20th Century Zulu Knobkerrie Sculpture, S...
Early 20th Century South African Tribal Tribal Art
Knobkerries were ubiquitously carried by Southern African men as weapons, dance staffs and symbols of status. While typically designed as somewhat utilitarian objects, they were ofte...
18th Century Tribal Tongan Pounder
Antique 18th Century Tongan Tribal Tribal Art
Amongst the rarest objects from Polynesia is the Tongan tuki, or food pounder. These bulbous objects, mistaken by early collectors for Fijian throwing clubs, were used by Tongan wome...
Africanist Palmwood Pedestal by Charles Combes
Charles Combes
Vintage 1950s French Primitive Pedestals and Columns
Charles Alphonse Combes (1891-1968) An exceptional carved stele in solid palmwood, in the Africanist style of the 1931 Paris Exposition Coloniale. Carved on both sides.
Large African or Dogon Carved Tintam Figure
20th Century Malian Tribal Sculptures and Carvings
Steel, Wood
Wonderfully carved, heavy and substantial. This monumental Tintam figure with raised arms and hands (widely interpreted as a gesture of prayer and an appeal to the Heavens for rain) ...
19th Century Small Wooden/Metal Mortar from Yem...
Antique 19th Century Yemeni Vases
19th century small wooden/metal Mortar from Yemen/Saudi Border.
19th Century Carved Wood Seated Buddha, Burma (...
Antique 19th Century Burmese Tribal Sculptures and Carvings
Wood, Paint
Offered by Vicki Shiba, 19th century carved wood seated Buddha, Burma (Myanmar).            
Late 19th-Early 20th Century Tribal Ritual Scep...
Antique Late 19th Century Ghanaian Tribal Tribal Art
Aluminum, Iron, Wood
Offered by Zena Kruzick. Late 19th-Early 20th Century Tribal Ritual Scepter, Ashanti People of Ghana
Prehistoric Hand Hewn Stone Balls Taino COSTA R...
Antique 15th Century and Earlier Costa Rican Prehistoric Tribal Art
Prehistoric hand hewn stone balls, set of four. Taino culture, Costa Rica and vicinity. Offered by Callie Morgan Oakes. #MO26 Each sphere would have been a symbol of the carver’s s...
Nigerian Mahogany End Table with Carved Elephan...
Vintage 1940s Nigerian Folk Art End Tables
Octagonal mahogany end table with a carved elephant figurine base, with eyes made of bone, Nigeria circa 1940s. A similar, oval table was given to Mrs Roosevelt and presents almost...
Mounted Nias Island Coconut and Brass Headhunte...
20th Century Indonesian Tribal Tribal Art
Brass, Coconut
Finely cut coconut shell and brass "Kalabubu" headhunter warrior necklace from the Indonesian Island of Nias mounted on a black painted custom metal base, 20th century.

African Kuba Knife

By Kuba People
African Kuba Knife
Kuba People
Early 20th Century Congolese Tribal Tribal Art
Iron, Wood
This African knife, with a flared iron blade and a wooden handle, was made in the Congo by the Kuba people.
19th Century Indonesian Ironwood Hut Post, poss...
Antique Late 19th Century Indonesian Primitive Figurative Sculptures
A hand-carved Indonesian ironwood hut post exhibiting a fine and weathered old surface overall. Detail images showing a sequence of both frontal and associated profile views. Intern...
Tribal African Lounge Chair Massive Hand Carded...
Mid-20th Century Tribal Lounge Chairs
African lounge chair massive hand carded wood foldable. Nice for an ethnic interior design mix. Chair from West Africa, tribal Art Design.
African Wood Ladder
20th Century Djiboutian Tribal Primitives
African Dogan wood ladder from the Ivory Coast. Great decorative object.
Carved Wood Trough
20th Century Indonesian Rustic Tribal Art
Large sculptural carved wooden trough from Indonesia. Great indoors or outdoors. Would make for a fantastic planter.
Ivory Coast Lobi Stool
Early 20th Century Ivorian Tribal Art
The stools created by the Lobi People of Cote d'Ivoire are wonderfully simple in form. Each is traditionally carved from a single block of wood. This low stool has stout handles and ...
Ashanti Valor Stool
Early 20th Century Ghanaian Tribal Art
In traditional Ashanti culture, stools indicated power, status, and lines of succession. The flat base, curved seat, and ridged supports of this hand-carved stool reference the Ashan...
Tanzanian Hehe Round Tripod Stool
Early 20th Century Tanzanian Stools
Most likely created by artisans of the Hehe peoples of Tanzania, this tripod stool embodies wonderful movement in its sweeping form. Playful lines drawn by graceful arched legs contr...
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