Autotrace #5 (Warhol's Soup Can)

"Autotrace #5 (Warhol's Soup Can)" was created by MTAA in 2010. To create the work, the artists traced a digital image of one of Andy Warhol's famous soup cans using off-the-shelf graphics software. They then sequenced the resulting vector shapes into a 60fps digital video: one video frame per shape. About Autotrace MTAA's Autotrace series is a group of digital videos, images, and performances where the artists take a digital reproduction of a well-known artwork and then use off-the-shelf graphics software to automatically trace a digital bitmap image, which transforms it into a collection of digital vector images. Different strategies are then used to present a new, original artwork from the auto-traced image.
Token ID
Token Standard
MP4 Digital Video
1024 x 768
Artwork CID: QmWkwmT8ME9rrqbGySoPouwiLDGhwcjUvit4uC9mndw21N
Token Metadata CID: QmbzguL8knBmRdQnXn8KkkVsSGnKHrAbJCTfyuostKCYxS
MTAA (M.River & T.Whid Art Associates) is a Brooklyn-based conceptual and digital art duo. MTAA was founded in 1996. Their often humorous studies of networked culture, the economics of art, and digital materials take the form of web sites, videos, installations, sculptures and digital images. MTAA's work has been presented at The New Museum, MoMA PS1, The Whitney Museum of American Art, SFMoMA, Postmasters Gallery in NYC, and The Getty Center in LA.

Exhibition Notes

Part of the NFTtime exhibition.


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