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CHORISMOS CODEX: A horizon line goes as far as the eye can see. It is a line without direction. If you were to draw a line from your point into the horizon, imagine a vector from direction of your gaze going deep into horizon line as if there was a dimensionality to it. That is the Vector Horizon and within that space exists Chorismos. Kinetic life-force of the artist/animator is captured, memorised by technology. It is made malleable and further smithed into animated alloy composite. The Techne blocks/units. These are used to arrange and multiply the creative force through further smithing, manipulation and shaping whilst experiencing the kinetic, the movement in (as) real timespace. The act is like sculpting with motion, with the force of Bia. The larger techneblocks are constructed, from a sum of smaller parts, built to form a grander whole. They are assembled and just like a myriad of cells create a human, they create a form beyond, they create art. I embody a living animated art and work upon it while all elements act in unison. I’m building the image, the form, but also allowing for creation to take it’s own anima, it’s own life-force. Practicing it, experiencing it I hone the skill in learning how to use it. My, and our ‘Techne’. Just like writers discover their characters through the act of writing; the art act -the techne of chorismos fuels the development and esoteric direction of the construct. Techneblocks are shaped, crafted into the space desired to fulfil aesthetic and function. They evoke a world beyond the reach of our oculi existing in immaterial. They map the temporal existence of form. Their motion suggests space. They reveal the material substratum, the hypokeimenon of the ergon - the underlaying thing of the completed work. Most importantly the construct brings verisimilitude to the observer, creating a new and unique world. To describe it within the Vector Horizon: it’s the edge between idea and form: it is the Chorismos. If bottling lighting, catching fire form the sky, is a primordial metaphor of the creative spark then this is that Homo-centric creative spark. Distilled through human life and captured with motion to bring to life, to animate, through a machine into a machine by a biomachine, reflecting all of the creator’s lived experience through it, striving to reach beyond their individual maya, into the zeitgeist, and resonate through humanity that stands before it. The form, the work, constructed is not a drawing, nor a sculpt, though it is drawn and sculpted. It is animated in the sense of imbuing it with it’s techne anima. It is visceral and occupies a space beyond the maya from which it hails with it’s own herios, the revelation of verisimilitude. The world brought to bear could never exist. It can not be printed in 2 or 3 dimensions for it is forever bonded to timespace and it can only be observed in such. The act, the memory formation brakes down the boundaries of visual structure. It builds new possibilities in the observer. With it the observer, through seeing what is in between the motion, finds a personal truth, a visual algorhythm unique to themselves. They can become lost in the world; in the narrative in the Anime Mundi of Chorismos, or they can contemplate the techne of it, the act of creation the origin and vector, that horizon line with a direction. This is the Chorismos Techne. Music: Russian Linesman ’The Road Back’ feat Ben Norris (Nick Muir remix)
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4096 x 2160
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Ogi is an artist, an animator, a designer - a world creator. These worlds are a comprehensive meme-constructs of the psych neuro schema, heralding directly from the umwelt. Ogi is working with meta-narrative, sowing mythos of the psychohistory through the digital metaverse. Fascinated with immersive and it’s content rich, meta-reality multi-media narrative, integration and responsive workflow Ogi synergises the hi-tech nature of VR and CG digital with meticulous handcrafted work. Through the creative practice Ogi strives to explore newfound horizons which VR brings to us, shaping our collective conscious with new pathways for imagination and communication. To blaze a beacon of possibility for future gen. With the power of VR and the way of animation Ogi creates new worlds and meta-realities. Chorismos is such a world….


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