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Sprice Studio

Full Circle: Circadium



At the outset of this work, I was interested in translating pareidolic interpretations of imagery into physical environments. We evolved pareidolia to find patterns in our surroundings, a process that also occurs with convolutional neural networks (CNN), programs that define new imagery based on the geometry of the input. Uniting human and computer visions, I used a CNN to produce a video projection and composite image based on an original, pareidolically inspired painting, from which I modeled a texture. The piece’s pseudo-geological features roughly mirror the painting’s forms, adopting a cosmic profile when the hybrid process video is projected on the sculpture. Full Circle attempts to visualize what would emerge when technology enables direct extrusion of thought into material forms, and how those first thoughts may not only produce something entirely alien, but also expose deeper qualities of our metaphysical processes.
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MP4 Digital Video
2250 x 3840 px
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Sprice Studio

Sprice Studio

Sam is a multimedia artist from Boston exploring perception's role in the creative process and in conveying and understanding the intrapersonal experience. He conceptualizes future possibilities and questions regarding direct expression of thought. Inspired by the visual language of pattern recognition, Sam references pareidolia, surreal automatism, dreams, and artificial neural networks in his practice. Sam’s art has been featured in the Herbert F. Johnson Museum and was accepted into the 2020 Best of SUNY and SUNY Chancellor’s Gallery Exhibitions. Sam was selected for Cornell’s 2020 Anderson Ranch Painting Scholarship, a \art grant, the Elsie Dinsmore Popkin ’58 Art Award, and the 2020 Edith Adams & Walter King Stone Award in recognition of work filled with promise in advance of his thesis year.