Back 40 Kitchen Restaurant
Restaurant by Marcia Tucker Interiors in

Back 40 Kitchen, a new restaurant based in Greenwich, CT serves all-organic, farm-to-table food. To complement this, Marcia Tucker created a space that is reminiscent of a barn, but one with modern as well as rustic touches. Marcia's selection of reclaimed barn wood for architectural accents as well as wall decorations such as an antique tractor seat, a vertical herb garden, and a giant chalk mural of watermelon radishes, add to the farm-like vibe. The sleek leather stools and the lighting lend a modern feel: The main dining room's pendant lights, made of iron and hemp with exposed bulbs, and the teardrop shaped lamps over the bar, made of wire and frosted glass, are modern touches that add drama. The cupola ceiling with two rows of clerestory windows bathes the space in warm natural light.

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Photography: Fran Parente