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Photography: Pieter Estersohn

Horse Country Classic

Family Home by Suzanne Rheinstein & Associates in Greenwood, VA

This farm sits on almost three hundred acres in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The house is a welcoming red-brick Georgian Revival, which still retains the rambling layout of a farmhouse, which adds to its relaxed charm.

The owners of the farm have been my friends for many years. When we first began to collaborate on decorating the farm, more than twenty years ago, we aimed for the mixture of comfort and beautiful objects that characterize it today. Much of the upholstered furniture, although reupholstered, are the same classic designs that I first had made in my Los Angeles workrooms. The collections of antiques and art have grown, have moved from room to room, and some items have been passed on to children, but none have ever been discarded. They remain interesting and timeless.

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