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London Apartment
Apartment by NH Design in

I divided the space in this large, high-ceilinged drawing room into two defined areas, one light, one dark, but keeping the glossy white-painted oak floor throughout. The white, faux paneled sitting-room has two monumental columns masking the hi-fi and a bar, and topped with plaster urns sprouting branches of fig. The brown marble fire-place has been accentuated by a tall, painted marble surround enclosing a surrealist art-work. A huge Giacometti-inspired plaster lantern unites floor and ceiling.


The far end is walled in peacock-blue grass cloth, and made octagonal with trellis laid over white book wallpaper, while the hall is papered in dark-green bamboo sparked with crimson ribbon edging the door-cases and rondels above a symbol- painted floor. In the bedroom, simple black and white cotton hangs from a corona copied from a Lutyens lintel-molding against cocoa-brown walls and ceiling and all-white furniture, lamps and objects.

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Photography: Simon Upton