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Are pocket watches worth anything?

1 Answer
Are pocket watches worth anything?
Yes, pocket watches can be worth something. A pocket watch's value depends on its age, rarity, and brand. The watch's brand name is the main factor in determining price.
1stDibs ExpertFebruary 22, 2021
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IWC Pocket Watch 800 Silver With Papers
Located in New York, NY
Introducing an exquisite piece of horological history, the IWC Pocket Watch from the year 1915

Vintage 1910s Swiss Edwardian Pocket Watches



Vintage 14K Yellow Gold Vogt Pocket Watch
Located in Mount Kisco, NY
Early 20th century, this Swiss made manual 51mm Vogt Pocket Watch was made as an export to Germany

Early 20th Century Swiss Pocket Watches


14k Gold, Yellow Gold

Russian Imperial Presentation Jewelled Platinum and Gold Pendant Watch
Located in Braintree, GB
Russian Imperial presentation jewelled platinum and gold pendant watch Made by Moser & Co Made in

Antique Early 1900s Russian Pocket Watches


Diamond, Gold, Platinum

Louis Audemars & Cie Victorian Hunter Case Enamel Pocket Watch
Located in Narberth, PA
original Company. A rare and exquisite double-sided enameled hunter pocket watch made by the world

Antique 1880s Swiss Late Victorian Pocket Watches


14k Gold, Rose Gold, Yellow Gold

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