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How can you tell if a Chanel bracelet is real?

1 Answer
To tell if a Chanel bracelet is real, look for the authenticity stamp. Pieces made during the 1980s and after will have an oval-shaped tag, plate or stamp featuring the Chanel signature in the correct font, a serial number and a stamp that represents the type of metal used to make them. Earlier Chanel jewelry often doesn't bear a stamp and can be more difficult to authenticate. If you can't find a stamp, carefully examine the bracelet. Authentic pieces will have an even finish and strong, properly aligned hardware. You're unlikely to find glue spots on real Chanel bracelets. When there are doubts about authenticity, a certified appraiser or experienced dealer can provide an expert opinion. On 1stDibs, explore a collection of Chanel bracelets.
1stDibs ExpertNovember 21, 2023