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What influenced Christian Dior?

1 Answer
Christian Dior was influenced by his years working as an art dealer and fashion illustrator before finally opening a fashion house of his own. He was initially interested in art and architecture. Prior to his work in fashion design, Dior ran an art gallery with a friend, where he showed the work of Max Ernst, Picasso, Joan Miró and others. In 1946, Dior opened his fashion house and strove to deliver bright fashions for a new era, discarding the sexless utilitarian garbs that had been forced upon people during the war. Three very talented women who worked in Dior’s studio — Madame Raymonde Zehnacker, Marguerite Carré and Mitzah Bricard — are also said to have inspired him. Shop iconic vintage and contemporary Dior clothing on 1stDibs.
1stDibs ExpertApril 5, 2022