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What is the history of Bitossi pottery?

1 Answer
The history of Bitossi pottery began in 1926, when Guido Bitossi founded his shop in Montelupo Fiorentino, near Florence, Italy. He descended from a long line of artisans, including painters, sculptors and potters. His son Londi became the creative director of Bitossi in 1946 and was responsible for introducing the colorful glazes that Bitossi has become famous for during his 50-year tenure. During the 1950s, Ettore Sottsass began to design unique pieces for Bitossi, and his geometric bowls and vases redefined the art form of pottery and set major trends during the mid-century period. After Londi Bitossi stepped down, a new generation of the family took over, with Guido's granddaughter Cinzia Bitossi serving as artistic director and his great-granddaughter Ginevra Bocin acting as CEO. On 1stDibs, shop a selection of Bitossi pottery.
1stDibs ExpertFebruary 1, 2024