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What is the Memphis Group famous for?

1 Answer
The Memphis Group is famous for creating the most radical and attention-getting designs of the postmodern period, upending most of the accepted standards of how furniture should look. Its story begins in 1980, when Ettore Sottsass, then a beacon of Italian postmodernism, tapped a coterie of younger designers to develop a collection for the upcoming Milan Furniture Fair. Their mission was to boldly reject the stark minimalism of the 1970s and shatter the rules of form and function. The group decided to design, produce and market its own collection, one that wouldn't be restricted by concerns like functionality and so-called good taste. Its debut at Milan's 1981 Salone del Mobile drew thousands of viewers and caused a major stir in design circles. The group remained active until the 1990s. On 1stDibs, shop a variety of Memphis Group furniture and decorative objects.
1stDibs ExpertMarch 15, 2024