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Bauhaus Interior

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Gouache Painting of an Bauhaus/ Art Deco Interior Scene, Impressionism Frame
Located in Hamburg, DE
In interesting combination of a Modern Bauhaus style gouache, combined with an impressive Impressionism frame. The gouache painting is made by an artist from Berlin and shows a timel...

Early 20th Century German Bauhaus Paintings


Wood, Paper

1930s Gouache Drawing of a Modernist Interior
Located in Essex, MA
An original gouache drawing of a stylish modernist interior, circa 1930s, featuring a set of four Bauhaus style chairs with an elegant floating staircase behind and architectural lig...

Vintage 1930s American Bauhaus Drawings



  • 1930s Gouache Drawing of a Modernist Interior
  • 1930s Gouache Drawing of a Modernist Interior
  • 1930s Gouache Drawing of a Modernist Interior
  • 1930s Gouache Drawing of a Modernist Interior
H 13.75 in. W 21.88 in. D 1 in.

A Close Look at bauhaus Furniture

The Bauhaus was a progressive German art and design school founded by the architect Walter Gropius that operated from 1919 to 1933. The name Bauhaus is derived from the German verb bauen, “to build.” Under the school’s innovative curriculum, students were taught the fine arts, such as painting and sculpture, as well as practical skills like carpentry and metalworking. The goal of the Bauhaus was to erase the distinction between art and craft, while embracing the use of new technologies and materials.

The school moved from Weimar in 1925 to the city of Dessau, where it enjoyed its heyday under Gropius, then Hannes Meyer and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. The period from 1932 to 1933 when it operated in Berlin under Mies was its final chapter. Despite its brief existence, the Bauhaus has had an enduring influence on art and design, and is regarded by many as the 20th century’s chief crucible of modernism. The faculty roster reads like a who’s who of modernist creative genius, and included such artists as Paul Klee, Wassily Kandinsky and László Moholy-Nagy along with architects and designers like Mies and Marcel Breuer.

Bauhaus design style reflects the tenets by which these creators worked: simplicity, clarity and function. They disdained superfluous ornament in favor of precise construction. The furniture of the Bauhaus and its followers married industrial and natural materials in simple, geometric forms. Seating pieces were made with tubular metal or molded plywood frames, and upholstered with leather or cane. Above all, as you can discern on 1stDibs, designs in the Bauhaus style offer aesthetic flexibility. They can be the elements of a wholly spare, minimalist space, the quiet foundation of an environment in which color and pattern come from one’s own collection of art and artifacts.

Finding the Right Wall Decorations for You

An empty wall in your home is a blank canvas, and that’s good news. Whether you’ve chosen to arrange a collage of paintings in a hallway or carefully position a handful of wall-mounted sculptures in your dining room, there are a lot of options for beautifying your space with the antique and vintage wall decor and decorations available on 1stDibs.

If you’re seeking inspiration for your wall decor, we’ve got some ideas (and we can show you how to arrange wall art, too).

“I recommend leaving enough space above the piece of furniture to allow for usable workspace and to protect the art from other items damaging it,” says Susana Simonpietri, of Brooklyn home design studio Chango & Co.

Hanging a single attention-grabbing large-scale print or poster over your bar or bar cart can prove intoxicating, but the maximalist approach of a salon-style hang, a practice rooted in 17th-century France, can help showcase works of various shapes, styles and sizes on a single wall or part of a wall.

If you’re planning on creating an accent wall — or just aiming to bring a variety of colors and textures into a bedroom — there is more than one way to decorate with wallpaper. Otherwise, don’t overlook what textiles can introduce to a space. A vintage tapestry can work wonders and will be easy to move when you’ve found that dream apartment in another borough.

Express your taste and personality with the right ornamental touch for the walls of your home or office — find a range of contemporary art, vintage photography, paintings and other wall decor and decorations on 1stDibs now.