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As always, another one of my fab creations!
Baginizer - SIZE 28CM KELLY color NUDE OR BROWN

The Baginizer… No Bag Should Live Without One!

W 240mm x D 120mm x H 110mm
W 9.5" x D 4.75" x H 4.3"

“After researching the market and finding cheap organizers that fell apart after a few months, I decided to create high end long lasting Baginizer’s (Bag Organizers) that will keep the shape of your Birkin or Kelly, protect the bottom and the sides from press and pen marks. Finally a place for my phone, keys, mints, my 8 year olds gadgets, and all that necessary stuff that just floats in my bag without a home. Love clemence leather, but after a few years it needs a pick me up... Jf Baginizer is the picker upper that will fill in the shape of the bag. My croc bag has a toile lining and looks tired when not stuffed - Perfect solution the JF Baginizer fills it in and protects the toile lining. ”
— JaneFinds

JaneFinds is the worlds pre-eminent Hermes Collector and Reseller. Specializing in unique, impossible to get and vintage authentic Hermes bags and accessories. Devoted global clientele, no one has access to a broader and finer collection of authentic Hermes. I can rotate your collection, or grow it.

No expense has been spared in developing Baginizer, it will feel right at home in your collection as well.

The benefits of using a Baginizer in your priceless Hermès beauties! If you are not using a Baginizer in your treasured Hermès bags then you are not doing everything possible to protect it, and extend its life span.
Protects the bottom and inner lining of your Hermes bags from dirt and possible spills, thereby maintaining their highest possible resale value, should you choose to rotate your collection
Designed and computer measured specifically for Hermes bags, Baginizer will also fit certain other bags
Made from high quality materials Baginizer is built to last and to protect your Hermes bags
Baginizer is a JaneFinds product and that means you will be 100% satisfied, every bag size listed was fully tested during the development process and they will fit perfectly
The bottom is flippable so you can hide the logo if you like
Maintains the integrity of your Hermes bags and prevents "sagging" we've all experienced.

**Note: Accessories used for JaneFinds photo shoots are not included with the purchase price of the item. Accessories used in photo shoots are Twilly (mini scarf), Rodeo (mini horse), CDC (bracelets), and others. If you wish to purchase any accessories “as pictured” please inquire prior to purchase.
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