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Photography: William Waldron

Bond Street Home

Apartment by Shawn Henderson Interior Design in New York, NY

White can be a calming respite from urban chaos. But it’s also tricky. Making it too bright and pervasive can feel more sterile than serene. In this 2,600-sf project, which appeared in NY Spaces, the original white interior felt stark, so painting it a more muted shade took the away the cold feeling, providing a better foil for contemporary art. Introducing wood in various locations continued the warming trend- a foyer door segregating private space from public, the kitchen island, and the interior of the built-in bookcases. The bluestone fireplace surround inspired me to infuse everything with a subtle gray-blue undertone. This young family wasn’t too keen on vintage pieces, so other than some light fixtures, French chairs by the hearth and a pair of swivel chairs, most of the furniture is custom. One of my favorite pieces is a loveseat in the breakfast area with a stool-height bench attached to the back so it does double duty as seating for either table or island.

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