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de Grisogono
Retail by David Collins Studio in

Spanning 85 square meters, the store features a new interiors concept developed by de GRISOGONO founder Fawaz Gruosi in collaboration with London interior architecture practice David Collins Studio. The interior design subtly references the aesthetic constants of the de GRISOGONO jewellery and watch collections and utilizes classic details and proportions juxtaposed with modernist furniture pieces. The elegant wrapped metal framing that features throughout the store and connects the interior with the jewellery is based upon the iconic interlaced Allegra jewellery collection.

The three rooms of the store each have a specific purpose. The Corte showcases the main collection of jewellery and is realised in amethyst tones and shimmering white. The Stanza Del Tempo celebrated the brand's timepiece collections against a dark and dramatic backdrop. The Grand Sala is lined in pistachio-coloured silk and acts as the drawing room to the store with an intentional residential feel.

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Photography: Adrien Dirand