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Photography: Roger Davies

Mountain House

Family Home by Hammer and Spear in WY, US

Overlooking the Snake River Valley rests a 55 acre residential compound on a steeply facing site facing Wyoming’s Grand Teton mountain range. The buildings are sited at varying elevations and nestled into the hillside to form a group of connected exterior spaces that take advantage of the steep terrain and celebrate the extraordinary views.

The collective team of Andersson / Wise, Hammer And Spear and OSM Construction were given the directive to create a scalable compound: structures that are at once intimate and approachable, yet capable of graciously hosting friends and family for the holidays or several hundred for an event. Having each collaborated with the client on previous projects, Andersson / Wise and Hammer and Spear were encouraged to flex new design muscles, deliberately eschewing the mainstays that define the typical mountain home vernacular, resulting in unexpected material choices and inspired custom design.