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Photography: Lisa Romerein

Ridgetop Villa

Family Home by Tucker & Marks in US

The design inspiration for the 10,000 square foot stone and plaster house emanated from the owners' travels in the hill towns of Italy. Combining architectural elements of a grand villa with those of a rambling monastery, the intention was to meld various materials and styles - hand carved stone detailing, Moorish columns, inlaid marble floors, exotic grillwork, and Venetian plaster - while the palette was kept quiet and relatively neutral. The owners’ international travels have drawn them to collect primarily Asian antiques and artifacts which we incorporated into the design to reflect their taste and travels. Over the course of the project, we added Italian and Spanish pieces to their collections which would speak to the style and location of the house. It became a wonderful five year project culminating in a tranquil villa surrounded by parterre gardens, fountains, rose gardens and the ceaselessly breathtaking vistas.