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Vacation Home by Hurley Hafen LLC in Napa, CA

Situated in the middle of a 20 acre private vineyard, this spectacular vacation home for a Silicon Valley couple strikes a unique balance between natural and sexy. “With more traditional homes elsewhere, our clients wanted something playful and modern to enjoy in Napa,” says Justin Hafen. “They have impeccable taste and already had lots of fantastic pieces to work with, so we just built around what they had already and made it even sexier.” With massive stone walls, floor-to-ceiling steel windows/doors and exposed I-beams, the house has a very strong presence. And the juxtaposition of that with the soft hillsides and rolling vineyards surrounding it create a very dramatic backdrop for the furnishings inside. “We wanted the interior to maintain that same sense of drama while also being relaxed and super comfortable at the same time,” says John Hurley. "Even though it's pretty glam, you still feel a sense of calm the moment you walk in the door. It has that 'ahhhhhh' feeling that we always want people to experience the moment they get home."

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Photography: Douglas Friedman