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Selfridges International Customer Services

Retail by Waldo Works Studio in London, GB

This 16,000 sq ft represents a multi-million pound investment and Selfridges ongoing commitment to their customers. Waldo Studio set to instill a rare sense of luxury, and to recreate the glamour of transaction. In the early 1900s when Selfridges opened, the era was marked and followed by a golden age of travel, and with this, a growing opulence to the institutions built around that. Waldo Studio was further inspired by the previous existence of the highly fashionable Selfridges Palm Court Restaurant in the space. Reconfiguring the architecture, Waldo Studio have created a series of grand halls, opening up windows, reinstating the historical moldings and columns. A striking floor in black and white geometric marble pattern runs throughout. The Main Hall has the feeling of a generous hotel lobby. Here, visitors are guided to various seating areas, beit the dedicated VIP area, the East and West Halls to house different groups or individuals, or the Faith Room or Refreshment Room.

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Photography: Ruy Teixeira