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Villa Salina
Vacation Home by CasaQ in Salina Island, Italy

We reinvented this 300 year old summer home on the windswept rocky hills of the magnificent Aeolian island of Salina, Italy, into a contemporary vacation home with a respect for the history of the building. We brought a modern eye to the old ways, leaving the property's best qualities in tact and reinventing some of the less successful ones. The view of the ocean and horizon are central to the interior design of this home. Rooting the house in the contemporary, we used light and shadow to highlight the property's forms and framed openings to enhance the views. Clean shapes, natural furniture all bring an element of the organic to this mediterranean villa. As each room opens onto a terrace, the way we framed the view was incredibly important. There are no distractions, the walls remain white and the furnishings natural to echo the architecture and compliment the clear blue ocean and sky beyond the window panes. This project was featured in Architectural Designs and Luxury Houses: Country.

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Photography: Scott Frances