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Alexander Design

Alexander Design

Malibu, CA

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About Alexander Design

Alexander Design is a full service interior design firm providing comprehensive services from concept to move in. We are a creative team dedicated to our clients and crafting environments for them that are personal, luxurious and livable. We specialize in high end residential projects from the ground up or have significant remodel scope, but also take on special hospitality and creative projects. We aspire not only to create incredible spaces, but even more, we want to foster a lifestyle and tell the story of an individual, family or business through a comprehensive design that begins from the moment you step onto the property.

Our style employs a blend of contemporary, custom/bespoke and vintage pieces from a variety of periods, creating a layered feel that is rich in texture and influence yet functional and elegantly effortless. We draw influence first and foremost from context and surroundings. We are inspired by the way that our clients live or want to live, by light both natural and curated, and by the rhythm and flow of space. While channelled through our aesthetic each project takes on the clients personality and vibe, so that the outcome is personal and doesn’t feel over designed or staged. We help define and represent our clients vision while staying true to lifestyle and landscape. We truly believe that a happy and successful project comes from the collaboration of architecture, design, landscape and building teams. We are above all else advocates for our clients - most of whom become great friends and repeat customers.

Inspired by light the logistical rhythm of space and a practical lifestyle, Vanessa Alexander grew up traveling the world. From a young age, she was influenced by both her international experiences and her mother's strong aesthetic and passion for collecting art.

After several years in the entertainment industry (and meeting her husband - who shares her obsession with aesthetics), Vanessa elected to redesign her life, focusing on a new family and the design and building of unique and personal spaces for her clients.

With contacts from 'the industry,' a drive to create the perfect home for her own family and a few private projects under her belt, alexander design was born. It is now a thriving, multifaceted firm with residential, creative, hospitality and retail projects from california to new york, miami and beyond.