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Area Interior Design

Area Interior Design

New York, NY

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About Area Interior Design

AREA is a full service interior design firm that specializes in high end residential design.

AREA’s services include interior design, architectural planning, project management and furniture design. The AREA design team collaborates with clients, vendors and tradespeople to achieve unique spaces that are infused with style, creativity and elegance. Every aspect of our work is customized to reflect the personality and fit the lifestyle of each client.

AREA is committed to the use of environmentally responsible products, materials and building practices. We strive to limit exposure to the toxic elements found in many modern construction, textile and furniture products.

Janine specializes in custom furniture, making unique pieces for each client. A deep knowledge and love for antique and vintage pieces led her to open her store, CARENDI, which you can find on 1stdibs.

Finally, AREA seeks avenues to help disadvantaged families cope with and avoid the harmful effects of interior environments and supports environmental and children’s charities.

AREA’s principal, Janine Carendi MacMurray, graduated from Parsons School of Design and studied decorative arts in Paris. Her design aesthetic and creative eye were nurtured as a child while growing up in countries such as Sweden, Mexico and Colombia. Years of exploring foreign towns for local textiles and an early introduction to auction houses gave Janine a broad knowledge of historical and cultural styles that continue to influence her designs today.

Janine founded AREA interior design as a full service interior design firm in 2006, providing creative and innovative design solutions. Throughout the design project, Janine collaborates personally with each client to achieve unique and timeless spaces that are enhanced by comfort and infused with elegance. She is proud of her personal relationships with each of her clients and finds it fulfilling that so many have chosen to work with her on multiple properties over the years.


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