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Charles de Lisle

San Francisco, CA

The Office of Charles de Lisle is a custom design firm specializing in tailored interiors, interior architecture, furniture design, product design, demographics/branding/aesthetics for interiors, landscape design, lighting, design spirit consultation and leadership. The current namesake company “ The Office of Charles de Lisle” was founded in 2012. Charles’ design experience spans over 30 years.

Targeted to high-end custom residential interior design, boutique commercial projects & high quality product design.

We have built direct, exclusive relationships with notable international craftspeople, designers, artists and manufacturers …and in doing so can offer our clients private access to select, rare custom products for their projects.

Our projects are imaginative reflections of our clients, the property, and the environment - each have their own specific signature. We do not strive to create a specific style, but want to be recognized as fluent and competent in finding creative, elegant solutions for every project.

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