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Lisa Queen Design

Calabasas, CA

We are a Los Angeles-based interior architecture and design services company and mother-daughter team.

Lisa Queen Design sprouted from the "Meraki" of Lisa Queen, our owner and principal designer. "Meraki" means the soul, creativity, or love put into something; the essence of yourself that is put into your work. This is exactly what Lisa Queen brings to our business, to her design work, and to her client relationships. In 2016, Lisa welcomed her daughter, Sara, into the fold to deepen the offerings and to share the fun of making this career a life calling.

We love the home design and building process as much as we love designing custom furniture and sourcing unique objects to complete the furnishings design. We strive to make sure that art is a priority in the furnishings design process, whether the client is an established collector or they are ready to explore art as a new area of interest.

We consider each client project in a similar way one would view a commissioned work of art, uniquely created with the client in mind, holding fast to the trust put in us.

With an ability to design in any genre, we want our work to honor the architectural style of the home and to reflect the essence of the client, and as such we pride ourselves on our ability to listen to our clients when they share their interests, style, and lifestyle priorities so all is reflected back in the final results.

On balance with the creative aspect of the mission of design is the business end of budget, invoicing, and communication. We hold all of these in high value. Spoken from the voice of a client, "Before we even started, Lisa took the time to understand our family, how we live and what we like. She worked beautifully with us and was able to ebb and flow with our communication needs. Not only is she a very talented designer, she is truly a pro. She was very diligent about budget and carefully audited all vendor invoices. Every time I get the chance, I pass her name on. Many I know have since used her and have been absolutely delighted. Lisa and her team are the absolute best!"

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