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Corinne Mathern

Corinne Mathern

Montecito, CA

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About Corinne Mathern

Corinne Mathern is an interior designer based in California.

She creates environments that provide balanced backdrops for living – places full of meaningful objects, art and heirlooms, where distractions are minimized and life feels more serene. Homes are a reflection of our true selves and Corinne pares properties back to their pure character to let that step forth. Her goal is to design inspirational spaces that improve our everyday experience.

Corinne ushers in elements of the natural world to create familiar touch points. Her distinct color palette begins in earthy tones. Materials, textures and layers are used to create warmth and character. Her vision is forged around works of art and she often collaborates with clients to commission new pieces. Her involvement begins at concept development and ends with final construction and installation.

Based in Santa Barbara, Corinne established her eponymous studio in 2014 to work with residential, commercial and hospitality clients. In addition to creating bespoke furniture for her projects, Corinne also designs a standalone collection of pieces. Everything is made to order in California.