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Sofia Joelsson Design Studio

Sofia Joelsson Design Studio

Miami Beach, FL

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About Sofia Joelsson Design Studio

Ms. Joelsson, a Swedish native, came to America in 1998 to pursue her passion for interior decorating. Her successful style and inspiring aesthetic has transcended into designing magnificent homes for her private clientele, and has expanded into other projects. In addition to complete residential build-outs at Sofia Joelsson Design, she customizes furniture and sells a curated selection of beautiful pieces for the home.

Sofia is well known for her meticulous design approach that perfectly fits into the lifestyles of her clients, understanding and translating it by creating living spaces that not only look magnificent, but become extensions of the people that live in them. Her goal is to capture the essence of their dream home and deliver a complete environment that intersects luxury with comfort, indulgence with wellness, and technology with simplicity.

Sofia’s visionary and highly detail-oriented approach to design drives her to be innovative. Her travels around the world afford her the opportunity to visit design markets for new state-of-the-art materials, technologies, objects, and ideas. Sofia is able to tailor her execution specifically to each client’s needs. Her goal ultimately is for clients to feel as comfortable and pampered in their homes as they would in an exceptionally fine hotel.


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