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Studio Vero

Studio Vero

Notting Hill, ENG

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About Studio Vero

Colour, materiality and the stimulus of art influence the many layers which interior architects and designers, Venetia Rudebeck and Romanos Brihi assemble in their work. Studio Vero was launched in 2014 and has since established a design vernacular for thoughtful spaces which combine a warmth, elegance, a reverence for tradition and sense of place.

A thorough ‘getting to know’ process with each client is paramount in not only understanding the way they live, but how the volume or layout of a room might be maximised to allow them to live better.

Collaborations with celebrated artisans and artists are key to every project and Studio Vero offer unrivalled access to talented, in-the-know makers and craftsmen. These partnerships are instrumental in creating rooms which include bespoke pieces thereby producing interiors which are deeply considered, timeless and defy trends.

One might deduce the following about Studio Vero: a delight in celebrating architectural details and the joy of one-off finds, along with imbuing each project with a sense of heritage, balance and the right proportions.

Romanos Brihi

Brihi derives much pleasure in putting together spaces which are as layered as they are visually compelling and an assault on the senses. How a room might inspire joy is achieved by the deft fusing of an unflinching colour palette with a beguiling mix of antiques and art which is sourced globally. Brihi embraces the use of natural materials -timber and marble- and incorporating exquisite period fixtures in his work.

A patron of the Serpentine, he is passionate about Impressionism and 20th century Modern British Art and loves nothing more than whiling away a weekend in European brocante fairs and reclamation yards.

Venetia Rudebeck

Rudebeck enjoys exploring volumes as much as she revels in putting together a scheme of fabrics to achieve rooms which are elegant and highly considered in their composition. Detail-focused, she delights in the opportunity to procure an art or a book collection for a client, or sourcing the necessary accessories which make a house, a home.

Mostly, she is passionate about the challenge of creating spaces where people want to spend time: a corner of a room bathed in dappled sunlight or a cosy nook perfect for curling up with a good book.