1920s Large Enamel Advertising Tin Sign Colman's M...
Early 20th Century European Signs
Normally I'm not into enamel signs. But since Colman is one of the oldest food brands worldwide and was in fact the very first brand starting advertising with enamel signs, I make a del...
Double-Sided Glass Cat's Eye "DRUGS" Sign, circa 1...
Antique Early 1900s Victorian Signs
Made from sheets of beautifully patinaed zinc, this early-century drugs sign has so many stunning attributes: the 2" diameter cat's eyes that comprise the glowing letters, the faded let...
Double Sided Illuminated Lunch Sign, circa 1940
Vintage 1940s Mid-Century Modern Signs
Set in a wood and steel frame is one of the most charming reverse-painted signs we've ever seen. This Mid-Century lunch sign, which is double-sided, painted in black and orange. With th...
Wooden Bathroom Sign
Wooden Bathroom Sign
Mid-20th Century Signs
A fun wood bathroom sign with painted yellow letters reading, 'PLEASE WASH HANDS BEFORE RETURNING TO WORK'.
Enormous Double-Sided Red Neon Arrow Sign
Vintage 1960s Mid-Century Modern Signs
Imagine passing by the warm glow of this bright red neon arrow sign, knowing that in a few moments you'll be delighted as anything with a swoopy red arrow directing you towards it must ...
Large Department Store Shop Trade Sign
Early 20th Century Industrial Signs
Large department store shop trade sign This great is a piece of social history, dating from the 1930s the sign was made on a framed wooden board advertising all manner of china from ...
Fountain Sundries Neon Sign, circa 1940s
Vintage 1940s Mid-Century Modern Signs
When the plug goes in, the party comes on and this bright white neon lets everyone know that its time for some malts and fries! This horizontal sign would have protruded from the wall o...
Vintage European Street Sign
Vintage 1970s Italian Signs
Steel, Wood
Great vintage European street sign. Deep blue and white. Newly mounted and framed. People at play in the street. Cool piece of wall art.
Double-Sided Blue and White Flashing Arrow Sign, c...
Vintage 1960s American Signs
Bask in the warm and wonderful glow of this six and a half foot tall salvaged carnival sign. This incredible piece features 150 flashing lights (75 on either side) and has been outfitte...
Neon 'Air Conditioned' Sign
Neon 'Air Conditioned' Sign
20th Century American Signs
A fun neon and metal sign from a Chicago theatre reading 'air conditioned'. In great working condition with new neon.
Early Neon Advertising Sign, 1930s, Freeman Shoes,...
Early 20th Century American Industrial Signs
Harken back to the golden days of fashionable shoes with this great dynamic well preserved orange lit Neon sign! Freeman Shoes-The Footwear of Successful Men- the great design with the ...
1950s Distressed Coca-Cola Porcelain Button Sign
Mid-20th Century American Mid-Century Modern Signs
Metal, Porcelain
Vintage distressed 1950s mid century Coca-Cola button sign 36". This sign is pocelain on metal.
Vintage Cowboy Hat Trade Sign
Vintage Cowboy Hat Trade Sign
Mid-20th Century Signs
Trade sign of an aluminium cowboy hat, circa mid-20th century.  
French Enameled 'Ricard' Sign
French Enameled 'Ricard' Sign
Mid-20th Century French Signs
A rare large porcelain enameled metal French Ricard Anisette Liquor advertisement sign in red, yellow, and blue, mid 20th Century.
Grand 1940s Storefront Gilt and Enameled Clock
Vintage 1940s Art Deco Signs
Grand scale. Four and a half feet square Equipped with neon fixtures and hanging capabilities.
French, 19th Century Iron Shoemakers Shop Sign
Antique 19th Century French Signs
Original riveted sheet iron shoemakers shop sign. Unique find France, circa 1800-1850. Traces of red paint visible. Weathered.
Monumental Mid-20th Century Folk Art Wooden 'Key' ...
Vintage 1960s American Folk Art Signs
This 1960s large Folk Art key (70.5" L) was likely an advertising piece. It was made for display purposes and wood have been suspended in front of a retail location.
1950s French Metal Publicity Display Mill for Gibb...
Mid-20th Century French Mid-Century Modern Signs
Metal, Bakelite
Vintage French Advertising Shop-Mill to sell Gibbs Shaving Razors. This 1950s Counter Display is made from Metal with a Bakelite Button on Top. When you turn the Mill around, the wrapp...
American Folk Art Tailor Trade Sign of Giant Sciss...
Vintage 1920s American Folk Art Signs
Metal, Wood, Paint
American Folk Art Tailor Trade Sign of Giant Scissors, NYC, Circa 1925 Of carved wood and metal central hinge.
Vintage Glass Counter Money Valve, Chocolate Sucha...
Mid-20th Century Swiss Mid-Century Modern Signs
Stunning vintage Suchard chocolate money/charge plate - Counter Display - Publicity Item - Advertising sign with beautiful Image of a Swiss St. Bernard Dog. This counter charge plate ...
1950s King Brunswick Red Crown Bowling Pin Double-...
Vintage 1950s American Signs
1950s King Brunswick Red Crown bowling pin double-sided sign.
Merchants’ Insurance Sign
Merchants’ Insurance Sign
Antique Late 19th Century American Signs
The Merchants Insurance Company of Newark, New Jersey was incorporated in 1858. We don’t have much information, other than knowing that their original headquarters building was demolish...
1930s Safety Bulletins Message Shadow Box
Vintage 1930s American Industrial Signs
Metal, Glass, Milk Glass
1930s safety bulletins message shadow box with original milk glass sign.
Old New York 1950s Porcelain Enamel 6th Avenue and...
Vintage 1950s American Signs
Porcelain enamel street sign from the corner of 6th Avenue and West 14th Street, circa 1950-1960. Very good original condition with some rust and enamel loss due to age. Measures: 13...
French Large Size Mid-19th Century Zinc Clock Trad...
Antique 19th Century French Signs
Iron, Zinc
This French large size clock trade sign from the mid-19th century depicts an oversized pocket watch with round bow at the top. Made of zinc, this grey colored clock face is decorated wi...
Antique 1940s Double Sided Wood "Protraits in Iro...
Vintage 1940s American Signs
Wonderful antique Double sided Trade Sign. Would be a great addition to your decor or a business setting. Has metal on each side to hang. Please sure to follow RADIO CRAZE for updates. ...
Rare Early 20th Century French Hand-Painted Double...
Vintage 1910s French Signs
Iron, Paint
This double faced hand-painted black and white cafe sign from the early twentieth century originally hung outside the Cafe Eugene Martin. Under the name of the cafe is the address, 33 R...
Coca Cola Sign in Original Painted and Faded Surface
Coca Cola Sign in Original Painted and Faded Surfa...
Coca Cola Bottling Co.
20th Century American Adirondack Signs
Early coca cola original painted tin sign with a worn and aged surface. This sign has four holes as to wear to hang it. Looks like salmon painted surface.
Worms and Crawlers Sign
Worms and Crawlers Sign
Vintage 1940s American Folk Art Signs
Coming from rural New Hampshire general store, this plywood sign is completely hand built with hand cut lettering and has a 1940s vintage. Bright yellow and black will be sure to get yo...
1930s Hand-Painted Factory Wood Sign "Good Houseke...
Vintage 1930s American Industrial Signs
1930s hand-painted factory wood sign "Good Housekeeping".
Antique Clock Advertising Sign
Antique 19th Century Signs
Antique hand-painted advertising sign in the shape of a large pocket watch showing the name BB Thorp.
1958 Scaldis Animal Nutrition Enamel Sign
Mid-20th Century Belgian Mid-Century Modern Signs
Vintage Enamel Sign - Display for Animal Nutrition for Scaldis. Made by Email. Koek, 1958 Bruxelles - Belgium. With lovely images from a Cow, Pig, Rabbit, Bull, Cock and Hen. In the col...
Oversize 3D Vintage Folk Art Object Tool Trade Sig...
Mid-20th Century American Folk Art Signs
Sculptural 1940s era handmade 3D Folk Art oversize tool or clothespin trade sign. Constructed of wood with matching silver and yellow painted surfaces to both sides. As found with warm ...
Large Scissors Shop Sign
Large Scissors Shop Sign
Antique 19th Century Chinese Signs
An amazing large-scale Chinese shop sign, 19th century, with calligraphy, and scissors in gold on burgundy background. Design is on both sides. With hanging hardware.
1800s Folk Art Hand Stenciled Advertising Cabinet/...
Antique Early 1800s American Folk Art Signs
1800s Folk Art hand stenciled advertising cabinet/trunk.
1950s Campbell's Tomato Soups Advertising Box
(after) Andy Warhol
Vintage 1950s American Mid-Century Modern Signs
The true inspiration behind Warhol's Pop Art fascination with the everyday graphics that we took for granted during the advertising Boom of the 1950-1960. Cardboard box with vivid Campb...
Art Deco Painted Wood Bandstand Rhythm Aces from 1...
Vintage 1930s American Art Deco Signs
Art Deco painted wood bandstand rhythm aces from 1930s-1940s These were use as stage covers for front line Musicians, Soloists or Band Leaders to play behind. Popular with the dance ...
Early 20th Century French Advertising Sign Delicac...
Early 20th Century French Art Nouveau Signs
Vintage Art Deco Art Nouveau lithographic pressed tin sign publicity sign for Truffles Claudot – Deschandeliers, Paris, France. Comestibles aux Truffes - Truffles - Foundation of the h...
French Umbrella Trade Sign
Vintage 1930s French Signs
Early 20th century, French trade sign, circa 1930, from a Parisienne 'parapluie' maker's shop, tin with original ochre paint.
Oversized 1950s Hand-Painted Advertising Sign for ...
Vintage 1950s American Folk Art Signs
Oversized 1950s hand-painted advertising sign for Olympia Beer.
Wonderful Vintage Hand-Painted Fresh Milk Sign
Antique 19th Century American Folk Art Signs
Authentic old fresh milk sign with great chippy original paint and three dimensional design. Dates from the 1800s.
1930s Reverse Glass Painted Sign "Thank You Call A...
Vintage 1930s American Industrial Signs
Metal, Glass
1930s reverse glass painted sign "Thank You Call Again" with metal back.
Early 1900s Hand-Painted Advertising Tin Sign for ...
Antique Early 1900s American Sporting Art Signs
Early 1900s hand-painted advertising tin sign for tennis shoes maker.
Large Neon Sign “ Pete’s Place Restaurant”
Vintage 1940s American Signs
Large neon sign , circa 1940s, Pete’s Place Restaurant. Original paint. The neon is gone but can be replaced if desired. The sign has a great atmosphere on its own. It reflects a time g...
French Restaurant Signboard
Vintage 1950s French Mid-Century Modern Signs
20th century French restaurant signboard, circa 1950-1960, 'Cafe-Restaurant Bourgeoise', original dry surface.  
"Music Box" Neon Marquee, circa 1960
Vintage 1960s American Mid-Century Modern Signs
The only thing more vibrant than this marquee’s neon glow is its history. Salvaged from an old Portland theatre, this sign spans almost 16-feet and is nearly three-feet tall. Not for th...
Well-Worn Star Soap Curved Porcelain Sign, circa 1...
Vintage 1930s Industrial Signs
Vintage Signs are a favorite among collectors and appreciators; as such pieces often feature unique graphics, historic letter forms and nostalgic commodities. Porcelain enamel signage w...
Decorative "Planter Peanuts" Can
Decorative "Planter Peanuts" Can
Early 20th Century American Signs
Vintage planter peanuts can be used to decorate the kitchen, use as waste receptacle or storage purpose.
Vintage Automobile or Motorcycle Cat Eye Reflector...
Vintage 1930s American Steampunk Signs
Metal, Glass
Collection of vintage automobile or motorcycle cat eye reflectors. The collection ranges in size from 4.5 wide x 7.5 tall x 4" deep to 6.5 wide x 16.5 tall x 4.5 deep. Each reflector is...
Folk Art Canoe Guide Sign
Folk Art Canoe Guide Sign
Vintage 1930s North American Signs
Wonderful handmade Folk Art sign for family run guide service made out of old canoe and paddle. Original wrought metal bracket holds the sign.
Vintage Enamel and Porcelain ‘STORE’ Trade Sign...
Vintage 1930s American Folk Art Signs
Graphic red, white and blue "STORE" sign, early 20th century American porcelain and enamel trade sign.
“Video” Advertising Sign
Vintage 1960s Dutch Mid-Century Modern Signs
Sheet Metal
“Video” advertising letters Sign, billboard or nameplate Light-box letters (from which lights etc. have been removed) Bent and folded sheetmetal 1960s.  
1920s Exeter Academy Banner
Vintage 1920s American Signs
Fabric, Wood
Fantastic piece of American history. 1920s Exeter Academy school banner. Great vintage condition. Newly framed and mounted on linen. Very cool piece of art.
Two-Sided Neon Coffee Shop Sign, circa 1940s
Vintage 1940s Industrial Signs
A fantastic relic of Mid-Century neon, this double-sided sign features a brown and yellow-painted can, with bright yellow neon. This holy grail of vintage signs proudly advertises coffe...
Late 19th Century American Trade Sign
Antique Late 19th Century American Folk Art Signs
Late 19th century original sand and paint surface "JOHN" sign.
Mid-20th Century "Tasty Eating Rabbits" Bugs Bunny...
Mid-20th Century American Folk Art Signs
A mid-20th century folky trade sign that is very much to the point! With a painted - Tasty Eating Rabbits: Fresh Dressed or Frozen - and a stylized Bugs Bunny character pointing. ...
"All Honor To The Boys In Blue" Paint-Decorated Am...
Antique Late 19th Century American Signs
Black-painted American sign with beautiful lettering in a 19th century style, in a crescent-shaped design, probably made for over-door display. Dating shortly after the Civil War 1866-1...
1930s Occult and Mystic Shop Signs, Set of Two
1930s Occult and Mystic Shop Signs, Set of Two
Vintage 1930s American Other Signs
Metal, Glass
We aren’t sure who N. Colangelo was, but it appears that he was a musician with a penchant for the metaphysical. This pair of signs has a late 30’s vintage and features hand-painted gla...