Cowper Residence
Family Home by Groves & Co. in Raleigh, NC

An extensive renovation turned a previously unremarkable house into a relevant, modern and extraordinary residence, nestled in Raleigh’s prestigious Hayes Barton neighborhood.

Excessive elements were stripped away to create a restrained yet dynamic environment, where lustrous finishes are paired with handsome, crisp furnishings, perfectly suited to the clients—a jet-set professional couple with a young family. Though they travel often, the owners are firmly rooted in the area and have large extended families nearby. The home functions as a sophisticated, intimate enclave and a welcoming gathering place for relatives.

Topping off the layered tableau is the clients’ blue-chip contemporary art collection. Bold and kinetic works by Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Robert Longo, and Donald Sultan are showcased throughout.

The result is a glamorous, feminine and subtly eclectic environment that evokes a cultivated but casual lifestyle.

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Photography: James West