Richard Mortensen - Kandinsky - Signed Acrylic - Painting by Richard Mortensen
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Richard Mortensen
Richard Mortensen - Kandinsky - Signed Acrylic


Richard MORTENSEN (1910-1993) Kandinsky Acrylic on paper. Signed at the bottom right. Dimensions : 32,5 x 50 cm RICHARD MORTENSEN BIOGRAPHY - CV 1910 Born 23. october in Copenhagen. 1930 Student. 1931-32 Studium at the Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen, with prof. Sigurd Wandel and Aksel Jørgensen. Earlier studies at Helge Helmes paintingschool and with Bizzie Høyer. Painted 1931 his first abstract painting. Travels to Berlin together with Ejler Bille, and sees there an exhibition of Kandinsky as well as works by german expressionists. 1933 Début at "The Artists Autumnexhibition" by an abstract painting. 1934 Exhibits with the group "Linien" among other things ten paintings with the title in common "the mystery of Eroticism". Editor of the magazine "Linien" together with Ejler Bille and Vilhelm Bjerke Petersen. 1936-37 Guest at Grønningen. (And in 1948-54). 1937 Travels to Paris together with other danish abstract artists to prepare a bigger exhibition in Copenhagen for Linien. Meets in Paris several of the most important surrealistic and abstract artists, such as Yves Tanguy and Max Ernst. 1938-39 Guest at the Corner- and Høstexhibition, member 1940-42. 1941 Participates in the editing of the magazine Aarstiderne (the Seasons). 1944 Creates sceneries for Ramuz/Stravinskys "the Story of a Soldier" at the Royal Danish Theatre. Creates a, now lost, moveable composition for exhibition on the Museum of Applied Art (filmed by Albert Mertz). Member of Grønningen till 1953, then a guest in 1957 and 1970, member again 1976-79. Creates a wall- and ceiling decoration in Ungdomsgården (a youth centre) in Husum, Denmark. 1945-47 Married to the writer Sonja Hauberg. 1946 Creates sceneries for H.C.Andersen/Stravinskys "the Nigthingale" at The Royal Danish Theatre. Awarded with the Edvard Munch-prize. 1947 Lives in Paris untill 1964. Resides at first in the Parisien suburb Suresnes together with amongs others Robert Jacobsen. Participate from this year regularly in group- and separate-exhibitions at an international level. Takes part in "Prise de Terre" at the Galerie Breteau in Paris. 1948 From 1948 Salon des réalités Nouvelles, Paris and Galerie Denise René, Paris. Exhibits together with Robert Jacobsen in Kunstforeningen, Copenhagen. Participates in the Bienale in Venezia. Groupexhibition in the Art Academy in Stockholm. Spends during the summer two weeks in Solsidan outside Stockholm (in a pension for elderly ladies), where he carries out about 20 paintings. 1949 Awarded by the Eckersberg-medal. From this year on at the Salon de Mai, Paris. 1950 Participate in the organization of a Kandinsky-exhibition in Scandinavia and the exhibition Klar Form in Copenhagen and Stockholm in 1951. Awarded with the Kandinsky-prize. First stayings in Southfrance and Italy. Participates in the exhibition Klar Form (with Léger, Poliakoff, Magnelli, Vasarely, Jacobsen, Mortensen and others) in Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen, Helsinki and Liége. Bienale in Menton. Exhibitions in France and England. Work in Tamaris, France, paints about 30 paintings. 1952 Creates the first tapestries in co-operation with Atelier Tabard Freres et Sœurs, Aubusson, France. 1953-54 Travelling-exhibition "Europe Art", Denmark. 1953 Stays in Montpeyroux (Puy de Dôme). Several inkdrawings. Take part in a travellingexhibition of tapestries in USA. Exhibitions in Paris, Hamburg and Rome. 1954 Stays in Vaison-la-Romaine. Inkdrawings and paintings. Participates in exhibitions in France, Switzerland, Holland, Germany, Brazil, Denmark etc. Represented in the Elise Johansen collection, the States Museum of Art, Copenhagen. 1955 Works in Cormeilles, Normandy. (Paints f.ex. "Opus Normandie" and "Opus Rouen"). Creates "Composition" 130x800cm, tapestry wowen at Tabard's in Aubusson for Maribo High School in Denmark. Separate exhibitions at Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, at Kunstforeningen in Copenhagen and at Galleri Samlaren, Stockholm. Participates at Documenta I in Kassel and the Bienale in Menton. Exhibits furthermore in Venezia, Belgium, Italy, USA etc. 1956 Exhibits at Konkret Realism (with Robert Jacobsen and Olle Baertling) at Liljevalch's Konsthall, Stockholm. The preface for Mortensen's works is by Pontus Hultén. Exhibition of Tapestrys in Rio de Janeiro and Yverdon, Switzerland. 1957 Stays in Hennequeville, Normandy. Works at a serial of pictures (120 gouaches) at the theme from Kandinsky's scenework "Der Gelbe Klang". Travels to Spain. Exhibitions: "Comparaisons" Musée d'Art Moderne, Paris, in Yogoslavia etc. 1958 First trip to Corsica. Participates at the exhibitions "50 ans d'Art Moderne", Brussels; Salon de Mai and Réalités Nouvelles, Paris. Separate exhibitions at Aarhus Artmuseum, Denmark and Galleri Samleren, Stockholm. Louisiana, Denmark: Big collection such as: "Opus Normandie" 1956 (oilpainting 130x910cm). 1959 Publishes an album (silk-screen printing) "Res et Signa" with a poem by Jean Arp. Publishes an album (silk-screen printing) "Der Fünfte Gesang", Galerie Der Spiegel, Editions Denise René. Participates at Documenta II, Kassel. Exhibitions in Poland, Austria, England, France etc. 1960 Represents Denmark with a big, retrospective, separate exhibition at the XXXth Bienale in Venezia. Cooperates with Jean Arp on a serial of paintings. Separate exhibition in Galerie der Spiegel, Cologne. Participates in "Art Concret" in Zürich organized by Max Bill. The exhibition "Art Danois Contemporain" in Belgrade, Zagreb and Ljubljana. "Antagonismes", Pavillon Marsan, Louvre, Paris. 1961 The Bienale exhibition is shown in a changed form at Frederiksberg Town Hall and Liljevalch's Konsthall, Stockholm. Member of Den Frie Udstilling until 1975 and again from 1980/81. Creates "Malgré Tout" (oilpainting 200x200cm) for Aarhus Cathedral School, Denmark. Separate exhibition "Res et Signa", Galerie Denise René, Paris. "Pittsburghs International", USA, etc. 1962 The Union of Danish Artassociations arranges a travelling exhibition i Denmark. Galleri Hybler in Copenhagen exhibits 22 new paintings. Furthermore exhibitions in France, England and Switzerland. Ejner Johanssons book about RM in the series Danish Contemporary Artists is published. 1963 "Exposition européenne de la sérigraphie", Paris, etc. "Vingt ans de Théätre", Kunstgewerbemuseum, Zürich. The Museum of Applied Art: "Evisa", Tapestry woven at Tabard's, Aubusson, France. 1964 Settles again in Denmark. Professor at the Royal Danish Art Academy in Copenhagen until 1980. Studio in Ejby, Kirke-Hyllinge. Big walldecoration at Aarhus University, the students' reading room (oilpainting). Decoration at Hillerød Municipal Library, 2 big tapestries, woven after oilpaintings at Tabard's, Aubusson, France. Den Frie Udstilling, Copenhagen. "Premio Marzotto", Italy. "Documenta III", Kassel, Germany. Creates collages for the album "Voluspá". 1965 Marries Inger Margrete Hartman, Charlotte called. Decoration at Rødovre State School, oilpaintings I-VI 1960 (each 260x210cm). And in the Danish Parliament, the chairman's room "Handshake to Spain" 1961 (oilpainting 122x190cm). "L'Homme Nu" separate exhibition, Galerie Hybler. Participates in exhibitions in Yogoslavia, Israel, USA, France, Belgium etc. In Hasselbalch's series NORD is published: Richard Mortensen: "The moment of thruth" with texts by Umbro Apollonio and Ejner Johansson. 1966 "The summerexhibition", Galerie Hybler and Esbjerg. Exhibits in USA, France, Germany etc. Travels to the island Rab in Yogoslavia og and performs there busy artistic activities - 30 oilpaintings including 2 portraits, about 210 collages, gouaches and drawings which are shown in june 1967 at Musée d'Art Moderne in Rijeka. 1967 Travels in january by train from Rijeka to Paris to see the big Picasso-exhibition. Is awarded by the "Prince Eugen Medal", Sweden and is nominated Knight of "Ordre des Arts et Lettres", France. Louisiana, Denmark exhibits it's collection of Mortensen's works. "Den Frie Udstilling", Copenhagen. A series of works for the album "Atelier 143, Rab, Yogoslavia", and another one for "Notes de Travail, Rab, Yougoslavie". 1968 Is awarded by the Thorvaldsen Medal. Decoration in Holmen's church, Copenhagen: "Suite for Norway" 1968 (oilpainting in 2 parts, each 115x195cm). Decoration in the Danish Institute for Science and Art, Rome, Italy: "3 posthumous letters to Clara Jensen" (RM's mother) 1967-68 (oilpaintings, each 150x150cm). Decoration for Trondhjems Artaassociation: "Posthumous letter to Clara Jensen" 1967-68 (oilpainting 150x150cm). Decoration for Bergen Picturegallery "Interactivity though dispersion and division" 1966 (oilpainting 60x130cm). "Den Frie Udstilling", Copenhagen. Creates a series of collages for the album "Atelier 101, Rab". Separateexhibitions in Musée d'Art Moderne Split and Skoplje, Yogoslavia. Receives Prix d'Achat from Musée d'Art Moderne, Skoplje. "Salon Comparaisons", "Salon Réalités Nouvelles". "Richard Mortensen And his Students", Glasgow, Scotland. Travelling exhibition in Australia, Rumania, Belgium and Greenland arranged by the Danish Ministry of Cultural Affairs. Creates the first danish, non-figurative stamp (60 øre). 1968-69 Exhibits in the Artassociations in Trondhjem, Stavanger, Bergen and Oslo, Norway. 1969 Riksgalleriet Oslo "Entre deux Trains" 1962 (oilpainting 195x97cm). "Den Frie Udstilling", Copenhagen. Creates a series of collages for the album "Homère L'Odyssée XIII Chant, verse 288-330". Exhibits in the Institute of Modern Art in Nürnberg: "Constructive Art: Elements and Principles". And in Japan at the Danish Minstry of Cultural Affairs' exhibition. Å-exhibition, Aarhus, Ålborg and Åbenrå, Denmark. Salon d'Autômne, Paris. 1970 Richard Mortensen creates, on occasion of Bergen City's 900 years jubilee the 25th of may (Norway), a granitemosaic put into earth in Torvalmenningen. Big retrospective exhibition at Louisiana and an exhibition at Fyens Stifts Artmuseum, Odense on occasion of Richard Mortensen's 60 years birthday. Guest at "Grønningen", Copenhagen. "Den Frie Udstilling", Copenhagen. Creates for this exhibition the album "Théâtre des Ciseaux" (with 5 silk-screenprints), a single silk-screenprint "Hommage à Francis Picabia" and an album with 12 black and white silk-screenprints "12 sculptures". 1971 Big retrospective exhibition at the Kunsthalle Kiel in connection with "Kielerwoche". Represented in Kunsthalle Kiel by "Ajaccio Marine" 1969 (oilpainting 195x240cm). 1973 Decorates Aalborghallen's foyer, roomdecoration (about 650square meter). 1974 Exhibition at Roskilde Library. 1975 Exhibits at Kolding Artassociation and, together with his students, at Lyngby City library. 1976 Exhibition at Willumsen's Museum, Frederikssund, Denmark. Grand Prix d'Honneur, Rijeka, Yogoslavia. Roomdecoration in a staircasetower at Odense Universitycenter. Decoration at the Royal Danish Society of Sciences and Letters, Copenhagen: "30th of April 1975. Joy of the victory in the East" (oilpainting 195x320cm). 1977 Exhibition at the Artpavillon, Esbjerg, Denmark together with Robert Jacobsen. Represents Denmark at the international exhibition "Belgrade 77", Yogoslavia. 1978 The Danish State's Artfoundation acquires big decoration for the musichouse in Aarhus which is inaugurated 1981: "Eloge à la maison Yougoslave" 1977 (oilpainting in 6 parts, each 180x180cm). Decoration at the Niels Bohr Institute, the big lecture hall: "Reveil des émigres" 1977 (oilpainting 450x640cm). 1979 Is awarded by the Larsen-Stevnsprize by Den Frie Udstilling. The Municipalities National League's College, Grenå: "La Resistance" 1978 (oilpainting, doublepainting 195x320/240x195cm). 1980 Richard Mortensen's 70 years birthday is celebrated by a series of important exhibitions in Denmark: Nordjyllands Artmuseum, Aalborg; Aarhus Artmuseum and Aarhus Artfoundation; The Artpavillon, Esbjerg; the States Museum of Art, Copenhagen; Herning Artmuseum and a travelling exhibition of graphic works in cooperation with the Union of Danish Artassociations. The Artmuseum Ateneum, Helsinki, Finland: "Santa Lucia" 1977 (oilpainting 240x195cm). Ny Carlsbergfoundation acquires at the exhibition at the States Museum of Art "the Massacre at My Lai" 1977 (oilpainting in 3 sections 195x960cm). The painting is later donated by NCF as a decoration to Nordsøværket. The book 'Album' is published by Samlerens Forlag. 1981 Honorary member of the Academy of Fine Arts. 1981-91 Exhibits with Den Frie Udstilling. 1983-84 Carries out a decoration in the East High Court, 1st. divison's foyer, big and small courtrooms, Copenhagen. Decorates the Councilhall at Birkerød Town Hall, Denmark. 1984 Carries out "the Mimertree in snow" for the Artmuseum Trapholt, Kolding, Denmark (oilpainting in 7 parts, each 180x180cm). Separate, retrospective exhibition of drawings at the Department of Prints and Drawings, the States Museum of Art, Copenhagen. Foreign decoration F.A.L.2. (France Art et Lettres, see also 1967). Grand Prix d'Honneur, Rijeka, Yogoslavia. 1984-85 Decorates the Theatrefoyer at Saint Annæe Gymnasium, Copenhagen. 1984-85 Participates in the exhibition "De Danske" in Liljevalchs Arthall", Stockholm and Malmö Konsthall. 1985 The Artmuseum Trapholt celebrates Richard Mortensens 75 years birthday by 3 exhibitions. The exhibition "Paintings - a selection, 1928-85" in the Artfoundation Gl. Strand, Copenhagen. 1986 Prize of honour at the graphicbienale in Frederiksstad, Norway. Prix d'Acquisition du Musée d'Art Contemporain, Belgrade, Yogoslavia. 1987 Den Frie's Exhibition. 1988 Den Frie's Exhition. The Artmuseum Trapholt's (Kolding, Denmark) new building with the Richard Mortensenroom and "the Mimertree in snow" is inaugurated. 1989 Den Frie's Exhibition. Is 2nd of june nominated Commandeur de l'Ordre des Arts et Lettre de France. Solo-exhibition at Galerie Bel’Art, Stockholm, Paintings, (preface by Pontus Hultén - 1956) 1990 Withdrew his works from Den Frie Exhibition. Exhibition at Esbjerg Artpavillon from own collections in occasion of RM's 80 years birthday (till january '91). Special hanging on the same occasion at the States Museum of Art and at Louisiana. 2 collageexhibitions at Galerie Knud Grothe's. "The Good Hope" exhibition of donation to Henie-Onstad Artcenter, Høvikodden, Norway, (hommage to William Heinesen). 1991 Den Frie's Jubilee-exhibition - 100 years. "The Good Hope" exhibition of donation to Henie-Onstad Artcenter, Nordens House, Thorshavn, the Faroe Islands. Collage- and drawingexhibition, Galleri Torso, Odense, Denmark. Collage-exhibition Galerie Bel'Art, Stockholm. Book published. Donation of collages and drawings to Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris. 1992 Galerie Der Spiegel, Collageudstiling fra Stockholm åbner d. 25.09.92 1993 Died 6th of january. Participated at the exhibition "Inferno" at the States Museum of Art 4th of feb.-18th. of april. Den Frie's Exhibition of march. Vejle Musichall. 1994 Retrospective exhibition at the States Museum of Art/Aarhus Artmuseum. The exhibition 'Det sene i livet' at Glyptoteket, Copenhagen, Esbjerg Artpavillon and Herning Artmuseum - paintings from 1992-93. 2004 Exhibition at Galerie Bel’Art, Stockholm: Richard Mortensen – Paintings 1948 - 1978 AWARDS: Edvard Munch-Price 1946 Eckersberg Medaillen 1949 Prix Kandinsky 1950 Prins Eugen Medalje 1967 Chevalier de Ordre des Arts et Lettres in France 1967 Thorvaldsen Medaillen 1968 Grand Prix d´Honneur, Rijeka, Jugoslavien 1976 Niels Larsen Stevns 1979 Æresmedlem af Det Kgl. Danske Kunstakademi 1981 Officier de Ordre des Arts et Lettres in France 1984 Commandeur de Ordre des Arts et Lettres de France 1989


  • Artist
    Richard Mortensen (1910 - 1993, Danish)
  • Medium
  • Dimensions
    H 12.8 in. x W 19.69 in. x D 0.04 in.H 32.5 cm x W 50 cm x D 1 mm
  • Gallery Location
    Collonge Bellerive, Geneve, CH
  • Reference Number
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