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Red Hermes Belts

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HERMES Mini Constance Belt Buckle
Very beautiful Constance loop of the HERMES House. It is a small model in gold plated and lizard blood color. Very beautiful object that you can use on your leather belt. Made in Swi...

2010s Belts

Hermes Belt Constance 42mm Rouge De Coeur and Rose Jaipur Brushed Palladium 95
Guaranteed authentic Hermes Constance 42 mm belt features reversible Rouge Coeur to Rose Jaipur epsom leather. Fabulous over sized brushed palladium signature H buckle. Now a retir...

2010s Belts

Hermes Red Leather Gold Fold Over Fanny Pack Flap Bum Waist Belt Bag in Box
Hermes Red Leather Gold Fold Over Fanny Pack Flap Bum Waist Belt Bag in Box Leather Gold tone hardware Leather lining Snap closure Total belt strap length 39.5" Measures 5.5" W x 4....

Late 20th Century Belt Bags

Hermes Belt H Constance 32 mm Rouge Coeur / Blue De Nord Epsom Brushed Gold 95
Guaranteed authentic Hermes coveted reversible 32 mm Constance H belt features rare Rouge Couer and Blue de Nord Epsom leathers. This beautiful rich red and fresh blue is a rare to ...

2010s Belts

New in Box Hermès Red & Bouganville Reversible H Belt
Hermès reversible H belt. Red swift and Bougainville Epsom leather, satin silver rhodium buckle. Dated T for 2015. Size 90cm. Never used. Comes with original box, ribbon and gift bag.

21st Century and Contemporary Belts

Hermès Red Collier De Chien Lizard Belt
Hermès collier de Chien red lizard belt with gold rhodium metal. Size 75 cm. Dated Y in a circle for 1995. Comes in original dust bag.

1990s Belts

Hermès Rouge Pourpre Tricot Belt
Hermès tricot belt, rouge pourpre and white resin toggle. Brand new with tag. Size small.

21st Century and Contemporary Belts

Two Tone 1988 Hermes Rouge Casaque & Gold Camel Leather Cut Work Belt
A classic with a twist! Hermes has created a fun two tone belt by layering a camel leather (Hermes 'Gold') with red (Hermes 'Rouge Casaque') calfskin cut work in graphic patterns. ...

1980s Belts

Questions about Red Hermes Belts
Are prices for red hermes belts negotiable on 1stdibs?
Prices for most red hermes belts on 1stdibs are negotiable. You’ll see a "Make an Offer" button on the item details page, indicating that the seller is willing to consider a lower price. It’s not uncommon for customers to get 15–25% off the list price after negotiating. See our tips for negotiating like a pro.
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The 1stdibs Buyer Protection Guarantee provides coverage for qualified purchases in the unlikely event that the item arrives not as described or is damaged. We’ll work with you and the seller to find a resolution, ensuring your satisfaction. View details
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