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Early 20th Century United States Decorative Bowls
A three foot long hand-carved wooden tray/platter with original iron strapping. A great early American piece. TR160.
Mid-20th Century Myanmar Sculptures and Carvings
A complete set of five intricately carved vintage Burmese monks and Buddha in flowing robes on lotus leaf and carrying alms bowls. Spiritual and beautiful, these pieces are extraordi...
Early 20th Century China Ceramics
A large and gracefully shaped antique Chinese ceramic wine jar with great presence. This piece looks great on its own or with tall branches inside. From Shanxi Province, circa 1920. ...
Antique Early 19th Century China Ceramics
A classically decorated 19th century wine jar from Shanxi province. Beautifully glazed and gracefully shaped, circa 1800. CR656.
Mid-20th Century Thailand Decorative Art
This unusual 53 inch wide Thai musical instrument is made of 17 separate gongs in a curved wooden frame. This instrument is normally played by a musician seated in the center of the ...
Early 20th Century Tibet Decorative Bowls
Leather, Wood
Four sculptural leather covered yak butter churns from Tibet. The faded old leather coverings are crudely stitched with beautiful surfaces. Great pieces rarely found with original ...
Early 20th Century China More Asian Art, Objects and Furniture
Wood, Lacquer
A large antique Chinese sign with striking calligraphy in the center of the sign and smaller Chinese characters all around. Presented in gratitude by a grateful nephew to his aunt a...
Antique Late 19th Century China Mounted Objects
A 19th Century Chinese millstone with simple carvings on both sides and three small circular openings in the center. From Shanxi Province, c. 1880. M908
Antique Mid-19th Century China Furniture
An unusual 19th Century Chinese walnut altar table with simple decorative carvings. This piece has a solid walnut top with a remarkably beautiful patina. From Xian, c. 1850. T515
Early 20th Century China Ceramics
A beautifully weathered wine jar with Chinese characters. From Hunan Province, circa 1920. Several available. CR699.
Antique 1900-1909 Thailand More Asian Art, Objects and Furniture
Leather, Wood
A 48 inch tall Primitive drum from the hill tribes on the border of Thailand and Burma with leather straps and original spotted hide top. A piece with great presence and history. M3...
Antique Late 19th Century China More Asian Art, Objects and Furniture
Willow, Lacquer
A beautiful pair of antique 16 inch long woven willow and lacquer pillows from Shanxi Province, China. These gracefully shaped objects have a glorious patina and are in great conditi...

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