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Established in 2003 in the Tribeca neighborhood of New York City, abhaya is a leading American dealer in Asian antiques, including furniture, unusual objects, distinctive Buddhas and ceramics. We also offer a highly curated collection of primitive pieces from all over the world, as well as a selection of contemporary pottery that complements the older pieces that we display.


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Antique Chinese Food Box
Antique Chinese Food Box
Early 20th Century Chinese More Asian Art, Objects and Furniture
A simply designed and nicely carved antique wooden Chinese food box with large handle and great wear. A very useful piece - great for holding mail or keys at entryway to home. BX478
Embossed Hide Shield From Somalia
Embossed Hide Shield From Somalia
Mid-20th Century Somali Decorative Art
An intricately embossed hide shield from Somalia, c. 1960. This piece looks wonderful on a wall or shelf. Great conversation piece. M215
Tall, Graceful Earthenware Jar in Washed Out Mediterranean Hues
Tall, Graceful Earthenware Jar in Washed Out Me...
Late 20th Century Unknown Planters, Cachepots and Jardinières
A tall, sensuous jar with faded peachy tones reminiscent of a Greek island. This remarkably graceful piece includes a small drainage hole on the bottom. CR10015.
Carved Stone Shona Sculpture, "Mother and Child"
Carved Stone Shona Sculpture, "Mother and Child"
Late 20th Century Zimbabwean Figurative Sculptures
A beautifully carved stone Shona sculpture from Zimbabwe depicting a mother tenderly cradling her child. A simple and moving piece by the artist Tmuk. BH113.
Antique Provincial Stool
Early 20th Century Chinese Stools
A nicely weathered antique Provincial stool with iron strapping. From Shanxi province, circa 1900. S483.
Antique Chinese Apothecary Cabinet
Early 20th Century Chinese Furniture
A nicely painted antique Chinese apothecary cabinet from Shanxi Province, circa 1900. C541.
Antique Chinese Leather Trunk
Antique Early 1900s Chinese More Asian Art, Objects and Furniture
A nicely worn parchment leather trunk with two distinct chop markings on front. With original hardware. From Shandong province, circa 1900. CST348.
Burmese Seated Temple Monk
Early 20th Century Burmese Sculptures and Carvings
A colorful Burmese seated temple monk. The Burmese characters on the base state the name of the person who donated the carving to the temple. BH435 a b h a y a.
Small Antique Porcelain Tea Containers
Early 20th Century Chinese Ceramics
Adorable small antique tea containers with a variety of beautifully painted images. Shanxi Province, circa 1900. Priced individually. CR675.   
Chinese Book Cabinet, circa 1800
Antique 19th Century Chinese Furniture
Elm, Pine, Lacquer
A stunning and unusual Chinese book cabinet with beautiful red lacquer and extraordinary carvings on each upper door. From Shanxi Province, circa 1800. C367
Classic Antique Walnut Console Table
Antique Late 19th Century Chinese Furniture
An elegant antique Chinese walnut console with clean lines and great patina. This is a Classic Chinese altar table with a traditional Ming design. Gansu Province, circa 1880. T363. a...
Early 20th Century Burmese Carving
Early 20th Century Burmese Sculptures
A very detailed and colorful Burmese carving of a woman with long knotted hair running down her back. This unusual piece is striking from every angle. BH425.

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