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Early 20th Century China More Asian Art, Objects and Furniture
A rustic antique Chinese rice measure basket with beautiful patina and original metal hardware. Ideal for mail, magazines, or in the entry way for flip flops or dog leashes and toys....
Mid-20th Century Thailand Planters and Jardinieres
A large, wide and heavy vintage clay jar from Thailand with attractive embossing and a small drainage hole at the bottom. This piece has a strong presence and great functionality.  
Late 20th Century Europe Vases
A tall, gracefully shaped whitewashed Mediterranean olive jar with subtle embossing. The color and texture of this piece will brighten any space. Looks great on it's own or enhanced...
Antique Late 19th Century Tibet More Asian Art, Objects and Furniture
A small Tibetan traveling Buddha shrine (also known as Gau) complete with embroidered fabric carrying case and strap as well as small Buddha inside. These shrines were often carried ...
2010- Ceramics
Two brightly glazed, classically shaped, covered contemporary Chinese baluster jars. These heavy ceramic pieces add a great splash of color and style to any room. Sold individually. ...
Antique Mid-19th Century China Sculptures and Carvings
A nicely cast 19th century iron Chinese Buddha with a very peaceful presence. A spiritual piece that shows it's age and is interesting from every angle. BH500.
Early 20th Century United States Decorative Bowls
A large, rustic, Primitive American trencher, beautifully worn inside and out, with old red paint on the exterior. TR165.
Early 20th Century China Ceramics
A large and gracefully shaped antique Chinese ceramic wine jar from Yunnan Province with beautiful green glaze. CR469.
Early 20th Century United States Benches
This simple, primitive bench displays years of wear and faded old red and green paint on the legs. This makes a great, colorful accent piece in an entryway or low table for displayin...
Antique Late 19th Century Europe Jars
A two handled Mediterranean antique terra cotta olive jar with great wear and classic shape. The matte finish of the body contrasts perfectly with the glazed rim. CR760. a b h a y a
2010- Japan Vases
A stunning pair of contemporary, handmade Japanese Raku vases with colorfully glazed bands and classical bell shaped form. CR754.
Antique Mid-19th Century China Decorative Bowls
A Classic 19th century (perhaps earlier) bronze Chinese censer with a remarkably simple design and attractive wear and patina. Perfect in a contemporary setting. M207.

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