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The Eye to discover remarkable art and antiques has been the cornerstone of American Primitive Gallery. Aarne Anton has been presenting an eclectic mix of American Folk Art, antique objects as art, and Outsider Art by self taught artists for over 30 years. Among our past notable exhibitions were Signs of the Times, Weathervanes and Whirligigs, Mask Images, The Sports Show, Carved Canes, Obsessive & Accumulative Art, The Horse Show, Cast and Forged Iron, Cats and Dogs, Figures in Folk Art, Carnivals and Arcades, Visions of Space & UFOs in Art, and Folk Erotica. We are al...Read More

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Double Stone Head by Ted Ludwiczak
Ted Ludwiczak
2000-2009 United States Folk Art Outsider and Self Taught Art
Ted Ludwickzak began carving stone heads after retiring from making hard contact lenses. He began when he needed to repair a stone retaining wall. Seeing what he thought was a face i...
Welmon Sharlehorne Drawing of Dragon
Welmon Sharlhorne
1990-1999 United States Folk Art Outsider and Self Taught Art
Drawing by Welmon Sharlhorne of in imagined dragon with a clock in the body. Sharlhorne is a well known self-taught artist from Louisiana. This is ink on paper matted.
Fish Shop Trade Sign
2000-2009 United States Folk Art Signs
Unusual large sturgeon sign made from tin cans for Slick 50 resin engine coating joined together and cut for mouth, tail and fins with bobber hanging from mouth. Northern Mid-West.
Bull Head Wood Sculpture
Early 20th Century United States Brutalist Mounted Objects
An old found wood sculptural form of a bull 's head mounted over a metal base. Made of an elongated triangular "head" with a crossbar bolted on. Nice old surface which is ...
Terry Turrell Painting "10 Steps From Where You...
Terry Turrell
2010- United States Other Paintings
Terry Turrell painting on panel with metal tube edging painted. Terry is a self taught artist living in the North West who often includes the animals he lives with in his paintings.
Terry Turrell Tarp Painting "Cool Breeze"
Terry Turrell
2010- United States Modern Paintings
Painting by NWC self taught artist Terry Turrell on canvas tarp with dogs and other animals.
Heart of the Home Cast Iron Stove Door
Antique 1900-1909 United States Folk Art Mounted Objects
The wood or coal stove used to be the heart of the home. One stove maker around used this sentiment in designing a stove door with a vent shaped like a heart. The heart shaped iron f...
Raymond Materson Alien Girl Sewn from Unraveled...
Raymond Materson
2010- United States Folk Art Contemporary Art
Raymond Materson taught himself to sew intricate miniature pictures while serving time in prison in Connecticut. By the time he was freed from incarceration he had a one person show...
Slavery Emancipation Wood Figure
Early 20th Century United States Folk Art Sculptures and Carvings
Incised into the base for this figure are the words MASON DIXON N/S LINE referring to the divide between the South of slavery and the North of free states. The figure carved from a s...
Coal Lion Carved Anthracite
Antique 1890-1899 United States Folk Art Sculptures and Carvings
Carving coal is one of the most challenging stones for sculpting. Anthracite the hardest coal is notoriously brittle. In coal country there are determined carvers who learned to wor...
Charles Eames Molded Plywood Leg Splint
Charles Eames
Vintage 1940-1949 United States Modern Mounted Objects
Charles and Ray Eames designed leg splint of sculptural and lightweight design. Made by Evans Products for the US military for use in WWII. The plywood splint is mounted as a work o...
Marble Sundial with Incised Figures by HD
Vintage 1920-1929 United States Folk Art Garden Ornaments
This is the earliest marble carvings known by the mysterious artist identified by his initials HD incised 1927. The unidentified artist is believed to have worked in the Philadelphia...

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