Zigler is a company of antique and contemporary rugs founded in 1986 in Madrid. It counts on one of the largest collections of antique carpets in Europe. Each of its pieces reveals the solid tradition of nomad tribes and craftsmen from Persia. Therefore, you will find carpets from many different origins. The natural dyes and the different techniques used according to each region result in unique and exclusive pieces in the textile art world. The company is highly specialized in contemporary rugs, modern flatweaves and original patchworks handmade in silk, wool and cott...Read More


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21st Century India Modern Indian Rugs
Carpet handmade in 100% silk - Made in a single range that varies in shade according to the incidence of light on the hair of the carpet. - The texture is magnificent, bringing lux...
Antique 1870-1879 Iran Persian Rugs
Very old piece of the Persian region of Hamadan. - Highlights its elegance and the use of its dyes on the rug. - Your design is typical of this region, and its color oriented to the ...
Antique 1850-1859 Spain Spanish Colonial Western European Rugs
Rug of the region of the Alpujarra in Granada. - Proper of the popular textile art that was elaborated in the region mentioned during 17th-19th centuries. - Elaborated in three part...
Antique 1890-1899 Turkey Modern Turkish Rugs
Antique Turkish rug from the late 19th century - Specifically, it's a Melas rug - Highlight the use of greenish tones throughout the design, which is very difficult to find since gre...
Antique 1890-1899 India Agra Indian Rugs
Agra rug elaborated at the end of the 19th century for the English market of the time. - Highlight the elegance of the piece by the balance of its decorative elements and the use of...
Antique 1900-1909 Iran Persian Rugs
Persian rug Meshed characterized by the fineness of its elaboration. - Curvilinear design throughout the central field on a spectacular turquoise blue background - Tracery of very ...
Antique 1890-1899 Turkey Oushak More Carpets
Ushak made for the European market of the late 19th century following the tastes of the time. - Design of palm trees and flowers entwined in cream and salmon tones all-over a beige ...
Antique 19th Century Spain More Carpets
Ancient rug Alpujarra, Granada, Spain, 19th century handmade with natural dyes - rug of collection, own of the manufacture granadina, that expresses the popular art of the region at ...
21st Century Egypt Kilim More Carpets
Handmade with aged wool - Its design is modern and modern. - They are soft, quiet and will bring a touch of warmth to the room without overwhelming the space - Our customers love thi...
Vintage 1920-1929 Iran Tabriz Persian Rugs
Persian rug from the city of Tabriz. - Great design of interwoven palmettes throughout the central field. Drawing of "Garrus" in reddish and blue tones. - The border is ele...
Antique Late 19th Century China Chinese and East Asian Rugs
Chinese rug of the late nineteenth century. - Classic design with flowers of various sizes and a central medallion. - The valance is a classic work of origin with geometric designs...
Antique 19th Century India Agra Indian Rugs
- Pair of Agra rugs from India. - Probably these two rugs have been made under the order of a specific customer of the time. - It is very difficult to find a pair of Agra rugs li...

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