Carling Nichols

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Two-Drawer Coffer
Gansu Two-Door Cabinet
Rare Chinese Stool with Scrolling Back Splat
Chinese Scholar's Painting Table, 19th Century
Pair of Chinese Low Tables, 19th Century
Rustic Low Plank Bench
Beijing Compound Cabinet, 19th Century
Monumental Chinese Apothecary Chest, 19th Century
Monumental Altar Table, 19th Century
Rustic Corner Cabinet
Organic Walnut Cocktail Table
Chinese Wine Table
Pair of Chinese Lanterns, 19th C
Chinese Folding Chair, 19th C
Pair of Red Lacquer Footstools, 19th C
Lacquered Chinese Coffer, circa 1770
Pair of Chinese Low Tables, 19th C.
Silhouette Chinese Coffer
Chinese Footstool with Drawer, 19th C.
Pair of Ming Style Armchairs, 19th Century
Pair of Square Chinese Low Tables, 19th Century
Chinese Low Table