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Established in 2002, Double Knot is New York City's premier gallery for tribal rugs and textiles. The gallery focuses on old and antique pieces from Turkey, Iran, the Caucasus, Central Asia and Morocco, promoting better understanding of their rich weaving traditions in the context of their history, art and culture. The gallery is open to the public and serves the needs and interests of enthusiasts, collectors and the interior design community.

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Antique Tabriz Carpet
Antique 19th Century Iran Persian Rugs
Cotton, Wool
A very handsome antique Persian carpet from the city of Tabriz, one of the most prolific weaving centers of Iran throughout history. Unusually light color palette, featuring a green ...
Fantastic Kayseri Carpet
Early 20th Century Turkey Tabriz Turkish Rugs
A great old Turkish carpet from the Kayseri region in Central Turkey, with a highly unusual design and color palette. Though inspired by classical themes, Kayseri carpets can display...
Mazandaran Kilim
Early 20th Century Iran Kilim Persian Rugs
An old tribal flat-weave from Northern Iran, woven in five panels on a narrow loom with alternating bands of un-dyed ivory and brown and colorful stripes. A really nice and older exa...
Antique Heriz Carpet with Gentle Wear
Early 20th Century Iran Heriz Serapi Persian Rugs
A very nice example of large format carpet weaving from the very prolific Heriz-Serapi region of Northwestern Iran, with a well-articulated design and natural dyes, indicating good a...
Banded Goat Hair Kilim
Late 20th Century Turkey Kilim Turkish Rugs
Cotton, Goat Hair
A primitive, dramatic tribal flat-weave woven entirely with goat hair in natural dark brown (almost black) and red bands. Woven as a utilitarian floor cover, it has a rough texture. ...
Karapinar Rug with Flower Lattice Design
Mid-20th Century Turkey Tulu Turkish Rugs
An old village rug from Central Turkey featuring a design of stylized flowers arranged in a delicate lattice pattern. The background is natural brown wool with subtle tonal variation...
Exceptional Azilal Berber Moroccan Rug
Late 20th Century Morocco Tribal Moroccan and North African Rugs
An old Moroccan Berber rug from the Azilal province in the Central High Atlas Mountains. Generous proportions and high density weave for this type. This part of Morocco remains a ...
Antique Heriz Carpet
Antique Late 19th Century Iran Heriz Serapi Persian Rugs
A very handsome example from the prolific weaving region of Heriz in Northwestern Iran. Unusual design featuring an overall web of stylized floral motifs, without the Classic central...
Large Baluch Tribal Carpet
Mid-20th Century Afghanistan Tribal Central Asian Rugs
A very nice and unusually large example of tribal weaving from the border regions between Iran and Afghanistan, attributed to one of the groups generally referred to as Baluch. Displ...
Antique Ersari Main Carpet
Antique Late 19th Century Turkmenistan Tribal Central Asian Rugs
An antique tribal carpet from Central Asia attributed to the Ersari Turkmen. Deeply saturated colors, dominated by rich madder reds, repetitive heraldic symbols, called "guls,&q...
Early 20th Century Turkey Kilim Turkish Rugs
A beautiful old tribal flat-weave from Eastern Turkey, originally woven as a wall hanging or tent divider, consisting of five narrow panels with brocaded motifs. The colors have fade...
Anatolian "Grain Sack"
Mid-20th Century Turkey Kilim Turkish Rugs
A tribal cargo bag from Southeast Turkey, flat-woven with an intricate brocaded panel in the front. Woven exclusively for domestic use, with very little change over generations, thes...

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