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Established in 2002, Double Knot is New York City's premier gallery for tribal rugs and textiles. The gallery focuses on old and antique pieces from Turkey, Iran, the Caucasus, Central Asia and Morocco, promoting better understanding of their rich weaving traditions in the context of their history, art and culture. The gallery is open to the public and serves the needs and interests of enthusiasts, collectors and the interior design community.

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Antique Caucasian Sumak
Antique Late 19th Century Azerbaijan Sumak Caucasian Rugs
A very handsome antique flat-weave from the Caucasus, woven in the intricate "Sumak" brocading technique, with rich details and in a very pleasing color palette derived fro...
Azilal Moroccan Berber Rug, Saddle Cover
Late 20th Century Morocco Tribal Moroccan and North African Rugs
Cotton, Wool
A very charming Moroccan Berber rug from the Azilal region in the Central High Atlas mountains, woven in small format, possibly to be used as a saddle cover. A great example of the a...
Antique Erzurum Kilim
Antique 19th Century Turkey More Carpets
A fantastic antique kilim from Eastern Turkey, featuring an elegant rendition of the prayer arch. Fine and delicate, these kilims were sought after by, and made for wealthy local pat...
Fantastic Antique Oushak Kilim
Antique Late 19th Century Turkey Oushak Turkish Rugs
An impressive antique Turkish Kilim of large size, woven in the Oushak region of Western Turkey. In near perfect state of preservation with brilliant colors, this Kilim is contempora...
Adana "Jijim" with Good Luck Charms
Vintage 1950-1959 Turkey More Carpets
Brocade, Wool, Angora
Tufts of colorful angora are tied for good luck wishes all-over this charming tribal Turkish flat-weave. Very special.
"Kömürcü" Carpet
Early 20th Century Turkey Turkish Rugs
Striking design featuring carnations in the border. Dramatic color palette. Soft, luminous wool.
Antique Kula Long Rug
Antique Mid-19th Century Turkey Oushak Turkish Rugs
An older example of this well-known type from one of the most prolific weaving centers of Western Turkey. With tulips and carnations and a profusion of other stylized floral forms, t...
Sumak Carpet
Vintage 1940-1949 Azerbaijan Sumak Caucasian Rugs
A handsome tribal flatweave in "sumak" brocading technique from Azerbaijan. Crisp design and lovely color palette. In excellent condition.
"Sawtooth" Tulu Rug
Mid-20th Century Turkey Tulu Turkish Rugs
Goat Hair, Wool
An old tribal rug from Central Turkey, woven in the shaggy "Tulu" tradition, featuring a rare design and color palette, creating a strikingly modern effect. In near perfect...
Balkan Kilim
Vintage 1930-1939 Balkan Peninsula Kilim More Carpets
A large old Kilim from the Balkan peninsula, from the border region between Serbia and Bulgaria. Older and more colorful than most examples of this type.
Baluch Rug
Vintage 1970-1979 Afghanistan Central Asian Rugs
A very nice tribal rug from the Baluch weavers of Afghanistan. Not very old, but certainly an authentic, home-made piece with excellent wool and attractive colors.
Kurdish "Jajim" with Colorful Stitching
Mid-20th Century Turkey Kilim Turkish Rugs
A tribal floor cover from Southeastern Turkey, woven with wool in natural brown tones, consisting of four panels, joined with decorative stitching in multiple colors. Very sturdy.

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