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Established in 2009, Exhibit A is a contemporary art gallery located in Corning, New York. The gallery represents emerging and established artists with a primary focus on art that demonstrates clarity of vision and distinctive use of materials. Exhibit A's year round exhibition program and reoccurring exhibition series such as the 'Black and White Biennial' and 'Glass Invitational', its participation in art fairs, and partnerships with other respected art venues, have contributed to the gallery's reputation as a energizing force in the region's art scene. Exhibit A has p...Read More

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Jessica Warner
2010- Contemporary Abstract Paintings
Canvas, Oil Paint
February by Jessica Warner is a large abstract painting with red-oranges, grays, and teal. The heavily painted masses of color suggest three dimensional forms but the paint breaks do...
Triangulation II
Werner Sun
2010- Contemporary Drawings and Watercolor Paintings
Ink, Archival Ink, Pencil, Inkjet Print
Triangulation II by Werner Sun is a dynamic composition of lines and angles in black, white, gray and red. The surface is broken by a slightly raised tiered element that resolves its...
Dreams III - glass house with clouds
Eunsuh Choi
2010- Contemporary Still-life Sculptures
Dreams III by Eunsuh Choi is an intricate glass house with white clouds overhead and root-like tendrils of glass below. A glass ladder emerges from below, ascends through the house a...
Bedtime for Oysters - framed abstract mixed media
Melissa Zarem
2010- Contemporary Abstract Paintings
Crayon, Ink, Gouache, Archival Paper
Bedtime for Oysters, a one of a kind abstract work on paper by artist Melissa Zarem, combines a variety of delicate marks and subtle golds with a somewhat ominous mass of black. As i...
Wheel - aluminum sculpture
David Dowler
2010- Contemporary Abstract Sculptures
Wheel, by David Dowler, playfully exists between being geometric and organic. It is made of solid 1.25 inch thick aluminum. Two irregular, almost round, forms are pinned together by ...
Early Autumn Voices - landscape painting
Robert Glisson
2010- Contemporary Landscape Paintings
Canvas, Oil Paint
Early Autumn Voices by Robert Glisson captures the greens and golds of foliage before fall has completely eclipsed summer. This oil painting on canvas measures 11 x 14 inches. It is ...
Werner Sun
2010- Contemporary Mixed Media
Acrylic Polymer, Fiberboard, Archival Pigment Print
Fugue by Werner Sun is made of faceted paper that creates a geometrically repeating pattern. Black, gray and red lines traverse the angled white surface. Fugue is constructed from a...
House Barrier VII - glass house
Eunsuh Choi
2010- Contemporary Sculptures
House Barrier VII by Eunsuh Choi is an intricate glass house with root-like tendrils of glass below. House Barrier VII is made of flameworked, borosilicate glass and was recently fea...
Mapmaker's Dream VI
Werner Sun
2010- Contemporary Mixed Media
Archival Ink, Inkjet Print
Mapmaker's Dream VI by Werner Sun is made of faceted paper. Folded reds, blues, oranges seem almost iridescent against grey. Mapmaker's Dream VI is constructed from a reconfigured ar...
Ogetti di Vetro, Smeraldo
Robert Calafiore
2010- Contemporary Color Photography
Photographic Paper, Pinhole
Robert Calafiore uses a hand-built pinhole camera to create large scale one-of-a-kind C-prints. "Ogetti di Vetro, Smeraldo" is comprised of eighteen colorful panels domina...
Covered Jar - Cat
Robin Whiteman
2010- Contemporary Figurative Sculptures
Terracotta, Glaze
Robin Whiteman's cat jar is fired brown terracotta with a crackled white glaze. It is an example of Whiteman working in a looser manner than her porcelain figures. Covered Jar - Cat ...
Covered Jar - Girl
Robin Whiteman
2010- Contemporary Figurative Sculptures
Terracotta, Glaze
'Covered Jar - Girl' by Robin Whiteman is brown terracotta with a crackled white glaze. This vertical female figure features ridged textures and worn aesthetic. The head can be remo...

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