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Established in 2009, Exhibit A is a contemporary art gallery located in Corning, New York. The gallery represents emerging and established artists with a primary focus on art that demonstrates clarity of vision and distinctive use of materials. Exhibit A's year round exhibition program and reoccurring exhibition series such as the 'Black and White Biennial' and 'Glass Invitational', its participation in art fairs, and partnerships with other respected art venues, have contributed to the gallery's reputation as a energizing force in the region's art scene. Exhibit A has p...Read More

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Messenger - hanging ceramic crow
Michael Rogers
2010- Contemporary Sculptures
Ceramic, Mixed Media
Messenger is a raku fired clay crow that hangs from a large nail. It is suspended below rolled paper notes that have been dipped in beeswax from artist Michael Roger's hives. The han...
Four Horsemen - distressed text painting
Steve Carver
2010- Contemporary Paintings
Acrylic Paint, Alkyd Paint, Illustration Board
Four Horseman a painting by Steve Carver is divided into four quadrants. Hand painted text appears in each quadrant: 'portrait', 'still life', 'landscape', and 'genre'. Carver is to...
Bernifal - modular steel, pale green wall grouping
David Dowler
2010- Contemporary Abstract Sculptures
Steel, Powder Coating
Bernifal is made up of 12 steel shapes that hang on the wall. They exists between being sculptural and being graphic. Bernpifal's geometric shapes cut from steel sheet, combined with...
Alpha & Omega
Debb VanDelinder
2010- Contemporary Still-life Photography
Aluminum, Digital Print
Alpha & Omega by Debb VanDelinder depicts a bird skeleton in a blue eggshell. The bones and egg speak to the cycle of life, science, and wonder. Debb VanDelinder uses a digital s...
Swayback Barn -orange glass
Angus M. Powers
2010- Contemporary Sculptures
Swayback Barn (orange) is inspired by barns in the rural upstate New York landscape. Angus Powers playfully exaggerates the animated poses that barns take on as they give in to gravi...
Cypher's Nest
Michael Rogers
2010- Contemporary Sculptures
Cypher's Nest by Michael Rogers features nest of jumbled cast letters. In the nest is a raven with a mortar and pestle. Crows and ravens are known for their intelligence; this bronze...
Starter Pet Adaptation - white crab on rocket
Bethany Krull
2010- Contemporary Sculptures
Starter Pet Adaptation in white porcelain by Bethany Krull features a stylized crab on a sideways rocket ship. Like much of Krull's creative output this piece speaks to the complicat...
Samuel C. Guy
2010- Contemporary Figurative Paintings
Canvas, Oil Paint
Samuel C. Guy's 'Guyland' paintings examine masculinity and coming of age. JAKEY shows a young man seated in a bathtub. The painting contains yellow ochre, grays, browns and off-whit...
Slip Landing on the Mud Flats
Melissa Zarem
2010- Contemporary Abstract Drawings and Watercolors
Paper, Crayon, Ink, Acrylic Paint, Gouache, Graphite
'Slip Landing on the Mud Flats' by Melissa Zarem is a diminutive piece with the sensibility of a vast and changing landscape. Swooping lines and delicate marks navigate through off-w...
Revolving Mount Specimen 1 - silver insect scul...
Bethany Krull
2010- Contemporary Sculptures
Bronze, Steel, Powder Coating
Revolving Mount Specimen 1 by Bethany Krull features what the artist refers to as a Mississippi insect. It is based on a beetle she found there. The powder coated black steel stand i...
Gerb-i-whirl -kinetic wheel sculpture
Bethany Krull
2010- Contemporary Sculptures
Bronze, Steel, Powder Coating
Gerb-i-whirl is a kinetic sculpture made up of a large wheel, fabricated base, and eight cast bronze rodents, the tails are different on each one. Give the wheel a spin and it turns ...
Albert VI, aka Yorick, Space Monkey series
Marshall Hyde
2010- Contemporary Sculptures
Glass, Wood, Paint, Plate Glass
Albert VI, aka Yorick, by Marshall Hyde, commemorates the first monkey that survived the landing as well as an Aerobee rocket powered flight that reached 72 km above the earth. The s...

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