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John and Linda founded Howard’s of Aberystwyth in 1976 where they specialised in antique English, Welsh and Scottish pottery from the 17th,18th and early19th centuries. Their policy is to supply the best examples possible of antique English, Welsh and Scottish ceramics mainly pottery. Their specializations are focused on early English pottery, Staffordshire pearlware figures English delftware, creamware and fine and rare examples of the best of British pottery. A large and quality inventory is maintained of English creamware especially the classic and elegant undecorate...Read More

John Howard

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Antique Early 19th Century England George IV Figurative Sculptures
Ceramic, Earthenware, Pottery
Pearlware Staffordshire pottery figure group of a Baptism with enamel colours. The group of figures are modelled standing in front of a clock tower which has a steps leading to a t...
Antique Mid-19th Century England Country More Furniture and Collectibles
Ceramic, Earthenware, Pottery
A well modelled and strikingly colored pheasant tureen. Staffordshire pearlware pottery early 19th century period. A fine example of this rare piece.
Antique Early 19th Century England Country More Furniture and Collectibles
Ceramic, Earthenware, Pottery
A rare pearlware "tree trunk" spill vase figure of a cow with farmer, a calf and a dog. Interestingly the cow is actually named"COW" on its back, an amusing touc...
Antique Early 19th Century England Country More Furniture and Collectibles
Ceramic, Pottery
Staffordshire pottery pearlware spill vases with male and female musician figures serenading a dog and lamb. Highly decorative and appealing especially with the shells in and around ...
Antique Late 18th Century England George III Historical Memorabilia
Ceramic, Clay, Earthenware, Pottery
Antique pottery bust in colored glazes in the Ralph Wood fashion of the English poet "John Milton".
Edwin Beer Fishley
Antique Mid-19th Century England Folk Art Ceramics
Clay, Earthenware, Pottery
A rare and good size Fremington Pottery jardiniere with stand scraffito decorated through the honey colored slip with naive rendition of flowers. Made by Edwin Beer Fishley (note a ...
Antique 1780-1789 United Kingdom George III Serving Pieces
Antique 18th century plain white English creamware pottery melon tureen, probably Yorkshire Pottery. The tureen is a Classic and elegant silver shape. The cover has reticulated deco...
Antique Early 19th Century England George IV More Furniture and Collecti...
Ceramic, Earthenware, Pottery
Staffordshire pottery vase and cover, strongly decorated with a yellow ground and two panels in underglaze blue and white transfer with figures of Cossacks fighting on horseback. The...
Antique Early 19th Century England Figurative Sculptures
A fine antique Staffordshire pottery pearlware figure group of The Duke of Wellington. Several variations were made of the "Iron Duke" and for years the identity of this i...
Antique Early 19th Century England Folk Art Dinner Plates
Ceramic, Pottery
A rare collection of pearlware glaze pottery six chargers, dishes and plate with a blue shell edge and a stunning Pratt colored basket of flowers as the central feature. This pattern...
Antique Late 17th Century England More Dining and Entertaining
A fine English delftware royal double portrait charger late 17th century probably London or possibly Brislington. The dish is painted with full length images of King William 111 and ...
Antique Early 19th Century United Kingdom Country Busts
Ceramic, Earthenware, Pottery
A very rare English pearlware pottery bust probably representing Queen Charlotte the wife of King George 111. The head is modelled on a square base which is decorated with purple ena...

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