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At J R Richards, we source primarily Ancient and Contemporary Ceramics. Much of my current inventory includes Ancient Chinese Pottery, and Contemporary Japanese Ceramics. I have spent the past 20 plus years traveling around Asia (Hong Kong, Kyoto, Korea, Mainland China) with an eye towards beautiful objects that will stand the test of time. My intention is to locate pieces that don’t necessarily get pigeonholed as either “Chinese”, or “Japanese” per se, but rather to identify beautiful objects that are made from these amazing cultures that have a long history of outstand...Read More

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Contemporary Ceramic Sculpture by Shunichi Yabe...
Shunichi Yabe
21st Century Japan Abstract Sculptures
A large contemporary stoneware sculpture. Hand built comprising five faceted sides. Each side distinct in shape, creating a bold, dynamic, and powerful result. The coarse burnt red c...
Large Contemporary Ceramic Vessel by Satoru Hos...
Satoru Hoshino
21st Century Japan Vases
This large and dynamic sculptural vessel is made by contemporary ceramic artist Satoru Hoshino (b.1945 -). Standing 33" tall x 29" wide x 27". Towering and spiraling ...
15th Century Ming Dynasty Stucco Head of an Off...
Antique 15th Century and Earlier China Sculptures and Carvings
Ceramic, Wood
A 15th century Ming Dynasty Stucco head of an official. All original pigments. Made of stucco and wood. Measures: 16" tall from the metal base. Head only: 11" tall x 9&qu...
Contemporary Ceramic Jar by Nishihata Tadashi
Tadashi Nishihata
21st Century Japan Jars
A Rounded triangular vessel with diagonally faceted exterior. Natural ash-glazed stoneware. Made by internationally known ceramic artist Nishihata Tadashi (born 1948 - ). He's rece...
Contemporary Ceramic Vase by Fujioka Shuhei
Shuhei Fujioka
21st Century Japan Vases
Fujioka Shuhei is a master ceramic artist known for creating beautiful ash glazed effects. He fires his bold creations in an anagama (wood kiln) to ‘fire-brush’ on mossy green, blue...
Pair of Contemporary Porcelain Vases by Kato Ts...
Tsubusa Kato
21st Century Japan Vases
A pair of porcelain vases with celadon glazing, by contemporary Japanese ceramic artist Kato Tsubusa (b.1962- ). Each vase differs slightly in shape, as the celadon glaze is limited...
$1,200 Sale Price
52% Off
19th Century Painted Tibetan Trunk
Antique 19th Century Tibet Furniture
Metal, Wood, Lacquer, Paint
Here is an ancient Tibetan wedding trunk from the 19th century or earlier. All original lacquer, paint and hardware. The front is painted with a flower motif. The lid lifts off (hin...
Early 20th Century Chinese Wedding Cabinet
Early 20th Century China Furniture
A decorated early 20th century wedding cabinet. Two center doors open outward revealing two shelves. All original material. Exterior decorated with drawings depicting birds, branche...
19th Century Indonesian Ikat Textile Fragment
Antique 19th Century Indonesia Textiles
A beautiful woven 19th century textile Ikat fragment from Indonesia. All natural dies. Mounted on a hard canvas backing.
8th Century Tang Dynasty Amber Glazed Horse
Antique 15th Century and Earlier China Antiquities
8th century Tang Dynasty horse coated in amber and cream colored glaze. Standing on two small bases to support the front and back legs. Saddle area unglazed. With TL Test from Oxford...
$2,500 Sale Price / set
35% Off
Pair of Antique Pottery Jars
Antique 15th Century and Earlier China Jars
A pair of ancient Chinese jars from the Warring States period (475-221 B.C.). Each standing 11' tall, with incised bands at the shoulder, middle, and bottom portion. Burnished surfac...
A Set of Four Antique Pottery Jars From The Han...
Antique 15th Century and Earlier China Jars
Offered by J R Richards A set of four Han Dynasty Grey Pottery Jars ranging in size from 10 1/4" to 13" tall. All in good condition. Each distinctive, with incised bands, a...

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