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Knauf and Brown is D Calen Knauf and Conrad Brown, based in Vancouver, Canada. Many years of friendship have lead to the partnership they form now: The pair met through skateboarding in 2001 and have been exchanging opinions on shapes, colours, and textures ever since. The rarity of their collaboration shows when discussing the final results of a project–in most cases it is impossible to point out which element of a design came from which mind. Knauf and Brown have an unnatural obsession with studying the spaces and objects that surround life. Both partners bring strong aesthetic experience from image-based practices, Calen coming from a graphic design background, and Conrad working in photography. They place a huge importance on knowing how to balance practicality w ... Learn More
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Dimensions: H 6 ft. W 12 in. D 10 in.
Dealer Location: Vancouver, CA
Materials & Techniques: Aluminum
Allumette Light, Modern Aluminium Led Floor Lamp
Knauf and Brown
Offered by Knauf and Brown
2010s Canadian Floor Lamps
The Allumette light is an LED floor light created around a structural alumi...