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Osuna Art & Antiques is a gallery specializing in the sale of museum-quality, original works of art. The artists represented work in a wide range of media in painting, drawing, photography, and sculpture. We maintain a large collection of works by European Old Masters, 18th and 19th-Century, Latin American, European, and Contemporary 20th- and 21st-Century artists. Our collections also include furniture, silver, and other Decorative Art.

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2000-2009 Italy Modern Abstract Sculptures
A colorful tabletop sculpture group consisting of a cube, cone, sphere and two cylinders each encasing a perfect air bubble. The jewel-tone colors are amethyst, sapphire blue, rose, ...
Antique 19th Century India Tribal Figurative Sculptures
This solid cast bronze statuette depicts the Hindu goddess Tara as she sits with legs folded holding her hands in the gran mudra position which is said to bring peace, calm and spiri...
Antique Early 19th Century British Indian Ocean Territory Tribal Figurat...
Roundel bronze relief of the god Hanuman shown in profile walking with his right hand raised, 18th-19th century.
Antique Early 19th Century India Tribal Figurative Sculptures
Durga is the warrior goddess in the Hindu culture, she is the protector of the good depicted here mulit-armed with a sword, shield, bow and arrow, astride two male attendants all set...
Ron Fritts
Vintage 1960-1969 United States Mid-Century Modern Wall-mounted Sculptures
Plastic, Acrylic, Wood
1960s Ron Fritts for RF Studio wall sculptural piece with chrome semi-spheres, mylar, vinyl, plastic, glass and wood. Fritts attended Carnegie Institute, Columbia University and t...
Antique 19th Century Germany Late Victorian Inkwells
Silver Plate
"Late Victorian Knight Helmet Silver Plated Inkwell" ca. 1880 Silver Plated 7" x 7" x 7" inches
Antique 19th Century France Napoleon III Urns
Bronze, Granite
"Large 19th Century French Patined Bronze Ewers" France ca. 1880 Cast Bronze with Granite Bases 21" x 8" x 6.5" inches
Antique 19th Century Argentina High Victorian Sterling Silver
"19th Century Argentinian Gaucho Knife" Argentina ca. 1860 Silver 800 16" x 2" x 0.8" inches with cover 13.5" x 1.5" x 0.3" inches without cov...
Curtis Jere
Vintage 1970-1979 United States Mid-Century Modern Wall-mounted Sculptures
Brass wall sculpture of trees by Curtis Jere of California, signed and dated 1972. From Wikipedia: C. Jere is a metalwork artist of wall sculptures and household accessories. C. J...
Fonderia Chiurazzi
Antique Late 19th Century Italy Neoclassical Figurative Sculptures
This sculpture is after the 1st century BC bronze original in the National Museum of Archeology in Naples excavated at Pompeii in the late 19th century. It depicts a Greek or Roman r...
Antique 19th Century Italy Neoclassical Figurative Sculptures
Bronze, Wood
The original bronze was found at Pompeii in the Casa della Fontana Piccolo (House of the Little Fountain) first excavated in 1823 and is now in the Archeological Museum in Naples. On...
Antique 18th Century Italy Neoclassical Figurative Sculptures
This early Grand Tour bronze of the child Hercules wrestling serpents depicts an event in his young life which showed his strength and heroism.

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