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Sam Kaufman has been selling fine and idiosyncratic 20th-century objects since he opened his Los Angeles store, back in the 20th century. The collection defies easy categorization, but every piece meets three criteria Sam personally values in applied art: playfulness, craftsmanship, and historical significance. The core of the gallery's collection is ceramics and furniture of the post-war period, especially pieces from Italy, France, and Scandinavia. These are augmented by ethnographic artifacts and the odd eccentric antique; things that complement the best work of the m...Read More

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Collection of Stig Lindberg Miniature Studio Ceramics
Collection of Stig Lindberg Miniature Studio Ce...
Stig Lindberg
Vintage 1950s Swedish Scandinavian Modern Vases
Each vessel in this collection of twelve miniatures is a unique, signed studio piece in stoneware by the great Swedish ceramist, Stig Lindberg. They have a variety of forms, and a di...
I-Beam Table Lamp by Laurel
I-Beam Table Lamp by Laurel
Laurel Lamp Company
Vintage 1960s American Modern Table Lamps
Designed in the 1960s by architect Jeff Jones for the Laurel Lamp Company, this table lamp fashioned from a section of steel I-beam has interesting affinities to the work of Enzo Mar...
Drinks Set by Edmund Ronaky
Drinks Set by Edmund Ronaky
Edmund Ronaky
Vintage 1950s American Mid-Century Modern Pitchers
A rather tall pitcher with four tumblers by European-émigré / California "beatnik" ceramist Edmund Ronaky. Hand-decorated with wonderful sgraffito caricatures of enigmatic bird-men a...
Set of Eight Dining Chairs by Walter Gropius
Set of Eight Dining Chairs by Walter Gropius
Walter Gropius, Ben Thompson
Vintage 1950s American Modern Dining Room Chairs
The legendary Bauhaus architect Walter Gropius designed the rarely seen "W199" armchair in 1951 with Benjamin Thompson, a fellow professor at Harvard. Gropius' teaching career came t...
Crucifix by Georges Jouve
Crucifix by Georges Jouve
Georges Jouve
Vintage 1940s French Modern Wall-mounted Sculptures
Made between 1942 and 1944, this crucifix is a very early piece from one of France's greatest ceramists. In 1942, Jouve had just escaped from Nazi imprisonment, and was hiding out in...
"Capitello" Chair by Studio 65
"Capitello" Chair by Studio 65
Piero Gilardi
Vintage 1970s Italian Modern Lounge Chairs
The "Capitello" became an international cult object in 1972 with the landmark MOMA exhibition, "Italy : The New Domestic Landscape". An early peek at what would come to be called Pos...
1970s Gucci Leather Framed Mirror
1970s Gucci Leather Framed Mirror
Vintage 1970s Italian Modern Wall Mirrors
Leather, Mirror
Few vintage artifacts for the home express effortless chic with such clarity as this leather-framed mirror made by Gucci in the 1970s. This uncommon piece delivers all the best Gucci...
Aubusson Tapestry by André Borderie
Aubusson Tapestry by André Borderie
Andre Borderie, Camille Legoueix Atelier
Vintage 1960s French Modern Tapestries
Wool, Tapestry
André Borderie (1923-1998) was an energetic French painter, sculptor and ceramist, an ardent experimentalist with form whose work has attracted renewed interest by connoisseurs in th...
"Impertinent Rooster" Massive Ceramic Sculpture by Salvatore Fiume
"Impertinent Rooster" Massive Ceramic Sculpture...
Salvatore Fiume
Vintage 1950s Italian Modern Figurative Sculptures
Salvatore Fiume (1915-1997) was a fascinating and relentlessly inventive Italian artist and writer, a larger-than-life figure who worked in a surrealist idiom, creating fantastic pai...
Maquette for Fountain by Jean Derval
Maquette for Fountain by Jean Derval
Vintage 1960s French Modern Architectural Models
This small maquette was made by Jean Derval as a study for a fountain. As a young man, Derval was Picasso's assistant in ceramic-making, and was throughout his career a central figur...
Set of Eight "Leggera" Dining Chairs by Gio Ponti
Set of Eight "Leggera" Dining Chairs by Gio Ponti
Gio Ponti, Figli di Amadeo Cassina
Vintage 1950s Italian Modern Dining Room Chairs
Leather, Ash
A fine set of eight "Leggera" dining chairs by the éminence grise of 20th-century Italian design, the great Milanese architect Gio Ponti. Built of beautifully-figured solid ash and g...
Untitled Ink Painting ‘Monotype’ by Peter Voulkos
Untitled Ink Painting ‘Monotype’ by Peter Voulkos
Peter Voulkos
Vintage 1980s American Modern Paintings
This untitled abstract expressionist piece is a monotype (ink painting) by the hand of the inimitable enfant terrible of American Postwar ceramics and sculpture, Peter Voulkos. Effec...