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Sam Kaufman has been selling fine and idiosyncratic 20th-century objects since he opened his Los Angeles store, back in the 20th century. The collection defies easy categorization, but every piece meets three criteria Sam personally values in applied art: playfulness, craftsmanship, and historical significance. The core of the gallery's collection is ceramics and furniture of the post-war period, especially pieces from Italy, France, and Scandinavia. These are augmented by ethnographic artifacts and the odd eccentric antique; things that complement the best work of the m...Read More

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Blue Stamp by Yves Klein
Blue Stamp by Yves Klein
Yves Klein
Vintage 1950s French Modern Contemporary Art
Effectively an Yves Klein painting in miniature, this stamp is from a series Klein made in 1957 by painting blocks of blank stamps with what was to become his famous signature, the p...
Coffee Table with Inlaid Decoration by Tapio Wirkkala
Coffee Table with Inlaid Decoration by Tapio Wi...
Tapio Wirkkala
Vintage 1950s Finnish Scandinavian Modern Coffee and Cocktail Tables
Steel, Rubber, Birch
Tapio Wirkkala (Finnish, 1915-1985) was the consummate form-giver of the middle of the 20th century. He tried his craggy artisan's hand at every possible type of design project, with...
"Soleil" Vide-Poche by Georges Jouve
"Soleil" Vide-Poche by Georges Jouve
Georges Jouve
Vintage 1950s French Modern Ceramics
A handsome Georges Jouve tray, glazed in the great ceramist's beloved gunmetal black, with a typically Jouvian representation of a radiant, pouty-faced sun. Made in the early 1950s. ...
Marble Portrait Bust of George Boole, F.R.S. by Thomas Earle
Marble Portrait Bust of George Boole, F.R.S. by...
Thomas Earle
Antique Mid-19th Century English Neoclassical Busts
Thomas Earle (1810-1876) was a distinguished 19th century English sculptor who regularly exhibited at the Royal Academy and was honoured by that institution with a gold medal for his...
Six Studio Vases by Stig Lindberg
Stig Lindberg
Mid-20th Century Swedish Scandinavian Modern Vases
Prof. Stig Lindberg (1916-1982) was a man of very many talents, and his restless creativity yielded an amazing variety of objects. Their wide range of form, surface detail, and glaze...
Pair of Jugendstil Armchairs by Richard Riemers...
Richard Riemerschmid
Antique Early 1900s German Jugendstil Armchairs
The German architect Richard Riemerschmid was a leading exponent of the Munich Secession and designed a fascinating variety of objects: furniture, ceramics, textiles, glassware, etc....
Ceramic Box by Guido Gambone
Guido Gambone
Vintage 1950s Italian Mid-Century Modern Decorative Boxes
This boldly glazed, covered ceramic box was made by Italy's foremost post-war ceramist -- Guido Gambone -- in his Florence, Italy atelier in the 1950s. It can be used to house jewelr...
Pair of Frank Lloyd Wright Low Tables
Frank Lloyd Wright
Vintage 1950s American Modern End Tables
A pair of striking, architectural tables/stools designed by Frank Lloyd Wright for Henredon in 1955. The edges of the triangular tops are carved with Wright's famous Taliesen "Greek ...
Important "Farsta" Vase by Wilhelm Kåge
Wilhelm Kåge
Vintage 1950s Swedish Scandinavian Modern Vases
A massive, thick-walled vase made in 1958, by the great Wilhelm Kåge with elaborately carved, asymmetrical decoration. This superb piece was, when finished, so satisfying to its make...
Vase by Guido Gambone
Guido Gambone
Vintage 1950s Italian Modern Vases
A beautiful 1950s faience vase by post-war Italy's most celebrated ceramist, decorated with a colorful, Mondrianesque pattern. Signed with Gambone's famous "Donkey" mark. In perfect ...
Headboard by Frank Lloyd Wright
Frank Lloyd Wright
Vintage 1950s American Modern Beds and Bed Frames
Leather, Mahogany
Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright for Henredon in 1955, this headboard for a king-size bed is made of solid African mahogany, its edges carved with Wright's distinctive Taliesen "Greek ...
Vase by Antonia Campi
Antonia Campi
Vintage 1950s Italian Modern Vases
In Italy there is an expression, "senso dello spettacolo" -- sense of spectacle; showmanship. This is a quality Antonia Campi (born 1921) has never lacked, in her very long career as...

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