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unearthed is a collection of unique, vintage pieces that tell a story. It began in our home and, eventually, morphed into a business. We are forever on the lookout for the looked-over. Orphans, we call them. A fish trap that speaks of the rare summer days when a boy and his dad went clamming on the Sound. A collection of early alarm clocks that give quiet-echo to the many mornings when the farmer would rise before the sun. A vintage Swiss Army blanket that serves again - now as a striking headboard. From humble to haute. From our home to yours. We hope you enjoy the hunt...Read More


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Vintage 1930-1939 Germany Wall-mounted Sculptures
Leather, Canvas
Gym mat of beautifully worn leather on both sides from Germany in the 1930s. Hanging straps are canvas. Has been thoroughly cleaned and conditioned. Art for the wall, coffee-tabletop...
Early 20th Century Scotland British Colonial Maps
Wood, Paper
Early 20th century map of the world engraved and printed in Edinburgh, Scotland. Mounted on retractable wooden roller. A classic archival map of the world before two catastrophic wor...
Vintage 1930-1939 Scotland Art Deco Maps
Map of Europe on retractable roller. Vivid colors. Engraved and printed in Scotland. Pre-World War II.
Mid-20th Century Canada Mid-Century Modern Architectural Elements
Aluminum, Steel, Paint
Vintage Canadian sap buckets in aluminum and galvanized steel. Collection of nine in various painted colors. Ideal holiday gifts. Takes care of a number of friends on your list. Buck...
2010- United States Arts and Crafts Table Lamps
Art Glass, Wire, Acrylic
Table lamp has been created from eight glass Luxfer tiles of the teardrop design. At the turn of the 20th century, before electricity was widespread, glass Luxfer tiles were used in ...
Vintage 1930-1939 Scotland Art Deco Maps
Wood, Paper
Map of the United States engraved and printed in Scotland, circa 1930s.
Late 20th Century French Provincial Dining Room Chairs
Dining chair for home or restaurant, circa 1950s. 40 chairs available; with and without arms. Other straight-back styles also available in quantity (see similar listing). Constructed...
Mid-20th Century Denmark Mid-Century Modern Cabinets
Glass, Teak
Midcentury teak storage cabinet from Denmark. Wired for electronics with sliding glass doors. A Classic period piece in great shape. Highly functional.
Mid-20th Century United States American Craftsman Cabinets
Brass, Wood
Storage / file cabinet with 36 numbered drawers with brass pulls. Each drawer is: 10.25 deep x 4.5 inches wide x 5.5 inches high.
Mid-20th Century United States Mid-Century Modern Cabinets
Stainless Steel, Glass
Midcentury storage / medical cabinet of glass and stainless from Midwestern hospital. Includes six adjustable glass shelves. Striking piece with deep storage capacity. In excellent v...
Mid-20th Century United States Mid-Century Modern Cabinets
Stainless Steel, Glass
Midcentury storage / medical cabinet of stainless and glass on wheels. Includes three adjustable glass shelves and a deep storage well beneath. Wheels make it easily mobile. Sharp, s...
Mid-20th Century United States Mid-Century Modern Carts and Bar Carts
Steel, Glass, Paint
Tea cart with painted steel frame and two shelves of rippled glass top. Rear wheels pivot nicely for easy maneuverability. Love those early baby carriage wheels. Great for plants. Fu...

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