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Pair of Framed Campaign Bandannas, Blaine and L...
Antique 19th Century United States Political and Patriotic Memorabilia
U.S. flags, with 38 stars and portraits of James G. Blaine and John A. Logan. Examples of Blaine bandanna also printed in reverse, with field on left. Both flags patented September 4...
Pair of Framed Campaign Bandannas, Cleveland an...
Antique 19th Century United States Political and Patriotic Memorabilia
Cotton, Wood
Pair of flags with 38 stars. The Grover Cleveland flag is printed in reverse. This portrait was derived from an engraving published by Atlantic Publishing Company. The second flag is...
Pair of Antique Quilts, Princess Feather Applique
Antique 19th Century Quilts
Pair of exceptional, large, finely stitched and quilted spreads in traditional pattern. Each quilt has slightly different configurations in design. Possibly made for the dowries of t...
Geometric Hooked Rug
Early 20th Century United States More Carpets
Linear geometric hooked rug. A precursor of modern paintings, this geometric incorporates rich yet subtle earth tones. Mounted on a stretcher for wall hanging.
Antique Quilt, Mosaic/Honeycomb
Mrs. O.E. Bishop
Antique 19th Century Quilts
Extraordinary fabrics cut into hexagons and pieced together form this elegant spread. Probably made by Mrs. O.E. Bishop, "about 78 years old", according to an old, handwrit...
Antique Quilt, "Robbing-Peter-to-Pay-Paul"
Antique 19th Century United States Quilts
Skilfully pieced and elaborately quilted, a superb example of a very difficult design to execute. A less ambitious quilter might have been content to create all of those perfect, nev...
"Urn of Flowers" Still Life Painting
20th Century France Paintings
Canvas, Oil Paint
Oil on canvas. "Urn of flowers" with rich colors and bold and vivid detail. The flowers are displayed in a blue urn on a marble platform. Unframed on original stretcher. Si...
Pier Augusto Breccia "The Two Halves"
Pier Augusto Breccia
20th Century Italy Paintings
Linen, Oil Paint
Signed and dated 1986. Breccia, born in Trento, Italy in 1943, was an eminent surgeon, classical scholar, and philosopher who became an artist to explore his own visual interpretatio...
Painted Dome Top Box
Antique 19th Century United States Boxes
Wood, Paint
Exceptional paint decorated multicolored dome top box with bold feather-like decoration. All original except hinges. Vermont origin.
Antique Quilt, Log Cabin, Light and Dark Variation
Antique 19th Century Quilts
Mennonite quilters in Pennsylvania freely used prints and bright colors to make exceptional geometric designs. Wool challis in many prints and solids are arranged to form a striking ...
Pair of Bookends Golfers
20th Century Bookends
Pair of bookends golfers. Remarkable form. Detailed figures, each standing on a book.
Political Bandanna Wendell Wilkie
Vintage 1940-1949 United States Political and Patriotic Memorabilia
Political bandanna from the 1940 presidential Campaign. Wendell L. Wilkie was the Republican candidate running against Franklin D. Roosevelt. Large blue star in center surrounded by ...

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